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Apple Orders “The Supermodels,” a Documentary Series Exploring the Careers of Naomi Cbell, Cindy...

New docuseries hailing from Brian Grazer and Ron Howard’s Imagine Documentaries to be directed by two-time Academy Award-winner Barbara KoppleApple TV+ has ordered “The Supermodels,” an unparalleled event docuseries that will feature exclusive access to and interviews with Naomi Cbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington, who will revisit their iconic modeling careers and collective disruption of the

Justine Skye Visits The Breakfast Club Radio Show and Discuss Her Experience with Domestic...

Justine Skye opens up about her own experience with domestic violence on Nov. 19 with The Breakfast Club Radio Show.She speaks on how at the beginning of the relationship and how she thought it was all love.

Marvin Gaye III Talks about Robin Thicke’s Suit and how he Plans to Retaliate...

Radio Facts: We're not sure when the movie comes but this is GREAT publicity to garner a new generation of fans for Marvin Gaye. Looks like his son Marvin Gaye III is planning to sue Robin Thicke.

Marvin Gaye III Talks about Robin Thicke's Suit and how he Plans to Retaliate...

We're not sure when the movie comes but this is GREAT publicity to garner a new generation of fans for Marvin Gaye. Looks like his son Marvin Gaye III is planning to sue Robin Thicke.

Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) Drops Kevin Frazier Daily Segment?

Radio Facts: I actually had a disagreement with a friend about this when Kevin Frazier was hired for TJMS. I told her he would not connect with the audience and it would not work but I had no idea it would last for 2 years (the usual contract term perhaps?).

Wild Out Webisode “Old School Ass Whuppin'” Analysis (funny vid)

I am always in support of Black radio people who think outside the box. The internet is a GREAT way to promote yourself...

WBLK’s Chris Reynolds is on a Mission to Change Perceptions via the Station

Radio Facts: As many of you know, I am from Buffalo, N.Y. Ironically many great radio people are also from Buffalo so in THAT sense, it's an honor. Other than that growing up there is something I'd rather forget.

You hear it here: Local radio shows offer listeners something different | Jacksonville.com

Radio Facts: Old-fashioned radio is not dead. The trouble is finding it on the dial. Remember dials? If not, the modern equivalent is knowing when to stop the scan button. These days, restricted playlists OK'd by suited executives can reduce radio DJs to puppets. Or eliminate them. Great songs are wrung dry by repetition while others are forgotten.

NIELSEN: 77% of American Adults Listen to Radio Daily

Radio Facts: Nielsen, which analyzed behavioral data collected by the Council for Research Excellence in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Seattle in 2008 states broadcast radio reached 77% of American adults every day, making it second only to television, which garnered 95% daily reach.

GREAT NEWS! 4 Black Teens Arrested in Chicago Beating Death (vid)

Radio Facts: I know you could care less if these 4 teens rot in jail or what happens to them while they are there but you will be glad to know they are off the streets and more arrests are coming."

Huffington Post Makes Great Point on Glenn Beck’s Campaign to smear Van Jones

Radio Facts: Adriana Huffington makes a great point with this story... Thank you, Glenn Beck. By helping force the resignation of Van Jones, you have done a great service to your country. But in the exact opposite way than what you intended.

Reggie Rouse Gives Keyshia Coles’ Mom Frankie her First Gig on WVEE (audio)

Radio Facts: I'm not going to make any jokes on this I actually think it's a great idea for V103.

WOW: GREAT TIPS! 7 Ways You’re Getting Ripped Off

Radio Facts: Economists call them "market inefficiencies" "” those thrilling or frustrating moments (depending on your point of view) when the price of something veers from its underlying, inherent value. In that world "” the one in which we all live, eat, shop, drive and pay bills "” they're called rip-offs.