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Urban One Class Action Suit Claims Unpaid Overtime and Sexual Harassment

Urban One was recently hit with a class-action suit from two women, Desiree Lucas and Dominique Hinton, both claiming unpaid overtime and sexual harassment.

Former VP of Programming Dave "Hurricane Dave" Smith is not a defendant in the case but he is named in the lawsuit for sexual harassment. Smith was terminated this past August when another female employee Shorty Mack stated he sexually harassed and assaulted her. Smith has since filed a countersuit against her for defamation.

In the new class-action suit, the women state they were paid less than $13.00 an hour with one of them stating the rate had not changed in eight years. Both believe male employees who did similar jobs were/are paid more than they were/are. Hinton was terminated from the station while Lucas is still an employee.

For the Hurricane Dave portion of the suit, sexual advances were allegedly made to Hinton with statements like:

  • “What’s your favorite sex position?”
  • “I think about you. Do you think about me?”
  • “I think about you when I’m having sex with my wife.”

Both women stated Hurricane allegedly used the same line to them “If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.”

The women state that when they refused the sexual advances they believe their hours were shortened by Smith and while an investigation ensued Smith went on the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage Cruise. They feel they were punished for taking the complaints to management. Read more about the suit from Rodney Ho of the AJC

Final Nominees in the RadioFacts 2012 Top 10 Urban/Top 10 UAC PD Contest

Final Nominees in the Radio Facts 2012 Top 10 Urban/Top 10 UAC PD Contest

Congrats...Here is the final list after all the votes have been counted for the Radio Facts 1st Annual Top 1o Urban and Top 10 Urban...
WOW: Look Who is Getting the MOST NOMINEE Votes for Top 10 PDs so Far....

WOW: Look Who is Getting the MOST NOMINEE Votes for Top 10 PDs so...

The 2012 Radio Facts Top 10 Urban and Top 10 Urban AC Programmers is REALLY heating up. ALL VOTES MUST COME FROM INDUSTRY PEOPLE...

The industry comes out to support the Rickey Smiley and Friends TV Taping.

Radio Facts: CIMG1028 Pictured from L to R:   Jay Dixon, Program Director, Com Media Group, Atlanta : Hurricane Dave, Operations Manager, Radio One...

WOW Look at Angie Stone…She’s Lost Weight!!!

Radio Facts:

Angie has shed a few pounds and she looks GREAT.. Here she is at the recent I Rock the Mic conference in Miami. Hurricane Dave, Gary Bernstien, Stone and Gary from the Rickey Smiley Morning Show