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DO NOT LAUGH: Howard Stern and Robin Talk about Gabourey Sidibe on the Oscars

Radio Facts: Love him or hate him he does say the things that most other people think. Is Howard Stern saying what Gabby needs...

Ron Atkins: Why the New "101 The Blaze" Online is a Great Concept

Radio Facts: Urban media in the very near future, if not now, is going to be forced to look for every possible area of...

OH NO: East Cleveland Mayor's Secret Life EXPOSED: Mayor by day….. (see vid)

Radio Facts: I would say this is probably him. There are no tits. Politics is one dirty ass game. I think his opponent probably...

LOOK it's Steve Harvey's Studio in Atlanta (pic)

Radio Facts: Many people think Steve's show is taped from New York but the home studio is in Atlanta. Looks like a television studio......

Reggie Rouse Gives Keyshia Coles' Mom Frankie her First Gig on WVEE (audio)

Radio Facts: I'm not going to make any jokes on this I actually think it's a great idea for V103.

Steve Harvey at Launch Party for KJLH

Radio Facts: Thanks to kjlh for the invite but I could not make it. You will not believe I am saying this... I think...