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Kanye Addresses Drake, Macklemore, Apple, Writers and Everybody Else

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: Why stop at one speech (rant) when you can continue the next day?

Eddie Murphy Threatens to Sue Comedian Claiming to Be His Son

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: If you haven't heard this story, there is a comedian named Brando Murphy that actually does look like he could be Eddie Murphy's son, but he isn't. Brando has performed on the "Sons of Comedy" tour and I have personally seen him in comedy clubs around the LA area doing stand up.

Great Story on Steve Harvey…

Few A-listers are willing to offer inside information on how they made it to the top of the entertainment mountain. Many will say "perfecting their craft, learning to deal with rejection, networking with the right people and continual hard work." But very few will share the direct contact information to the party responsible for his/her success.

Reggie Rouse Gives Keyshia Coles’ Mom Frankie her First Gig on WVEE (audio)

Radio Facts: I'm not going to make any jokes on this I actually think it's a great idea for V103.

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