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Ne-Yo Targeted by Former Business Manager Accused in Scam for 2 Million

It is no wonder that so many celebrities don't trust the people around them. It's common knowledge in LA. There are those whose main job is to gain their trust via some form of vulnerability then separate them from their money.
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Grandmaster Flash Talks about His Portrayal in the Netflix Original Series The Get Down

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: If you haven't heard of The Get Down, you need to know about it.
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Part One of THE GET DOWN premieres August 12th on Netflix

Radio Facts: ***Show Collaborators: Nas, Grandmaster Flash, DJ Kool Herc &

Pandora Set to Acquire Popular Streaming Service for $75 Million

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: Pandora announced an agreement to acquire several key assets from Rdio, a pioneer in streaming music technology.

RL Talks Getting Kicked Out of NEXT, R&B Fraternity, and Publishing Checks

Radio Facts: RL sat down with the Breakfast Club and tells the story of why he was kicked out the group. He also talks back the nature of the business and the lies that were told about him. He also addresses the viral video hit, "Why You Lying" and how it is has added 2.5 seconds to his fame.

Columbia House Files For Bankruptcy

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: When I was a kid, I remember receiving CD's in the mail.  I didn't pay for them myself but my parents always talked about getting several CD's for pennies on the dollar and I specifically remember being excited to open the packages because they would always get me a few.

The Struggle is Real – Famed Producer Scott Storch Files for Bankruptcy

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: Rick James once said, "Cocaine is a helluva drug." Yes, cocaine can cost a pretty penny but it is the lifestyle that is often accompanied with the drug that leads  industry heavyweights to the poor house. TMZ is reporting that Scott Storch, who produced tracks for Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, and a host of others

Jermaine Dupri Loses Atlanta Home, Younger Artists Taking Note?

Radio Facts: Jermaine Dupri looses $3.7 Million Mansion in Fulton County to Foreclosure This story is unfortunate for more than one reason.  I have worked in the music industry for decades but I am also a real estate agent for 10 years now. I was looking for a career option when the industry flipped in the early 2000's.

What $500,000 will buy you in Real Estate in Various Cities…

Radio Facts: In 2014, what kind of home can you buy for $500,00o in different markets? Here's a sample.

DMX Bankruptcy Controversy

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: In an article written in the Wall Street Journal, U.S.

Toni Braxton Just Can’t Catch a Break

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: TMZ broke a story about Toni Braxton losing some of her songs and it seems as if this is true....
Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson Sues Live Nation

Who in there right mind would want to be on Mike Tyson's bad side.

FM News Radio 100.5 KXNT Adds Local Experts to Line-Up

FM News Radio 100.5 KXNT is pleased to announce the addition of several new lo