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Lee Daniels and Dame Dash Settle Lawsuit

Dame Dash confronted Lee Daniels, of all places at, a Diana Ross concert several months ago. The confrontation was over a dispute about an investment that Dash made for one of Lee's movies that flopped, Shadowboxer. Technically, Daniels probably was not obligated to return the "investment" but Dame was willing to sue him for it.

Iggy Azalea’s “Change Your Life”, featuring T.I. Premieres

International phenom Iggy Azalea will release her new single, CHANGE YOUR LIFE in the U.S. on October 8th.

George Zimmerman’s Wife Won’t Press Charges Despite 911 Call

As we reported earlier, george zimmerman was in the custody of Lake Mary police department due to a 911 call that was placed by his estranged wife, Shellie Zimmerman. Mrs.

Sean Woods

Sean-D, a Daytona Beach, Florida native has done more, during his short time in the business, than most have during their entire careers. Getting his start as a volunteer for WANM 90.5FM, Sean has proven that he has the guts, charm and talent to hang with the big boys in the industry.


Los Angeles, CA -He has the ability to keep people on their feet non-stop at shows around the world. His soulful serenades have...

Power 106 Legend Big Boy Premieres First Book

Cash Money Content & Atria Books Present AN XL LIFE: STAYING BIG AT HALF THE SIZE by legendary radio personality BIG BOY In stores December 27 "His story...

Big Tigger takes over mornings at WPGC

The announcement has finally been made.

TLC’s One Big Happy Family: Jury Still Out (vid)

As I watch the mother making those Gamammoth Pancakes with at least a pound of butter per cake, I am forced to admit, they do look good, I had to watch it again and was shocked to see that each of these Big'ens had their own personal buffet on each plate.

Lil’ Wayne’s “˜Rebirth’: Musical atrocity or genre-bending masterpiece? | Spectator Blog

On Monday, Amazon.com made a booboo. Lil' Wayne's seventh album "Rebirth" was shipped to 500 people. Despite being pushed back to Febuary 1 by the label, several million copies of the rapper's "rock album" were made and distributed to retailers in advance of the originally planned December release.

Cruise for Big Women: Should Black Radio ENCOURAGE being Overweight.. and CONTENT?

Without question, the black community should not DISCRIMINATE against fat people and the point could be driven home more often if...

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