The Undeniable BEST Black Female Singers of All Time

Absolute Best Black Female Singers of All TimeDigital and Radio Facts: Who Are the Top Black Female Singers of All Time? [...]

The Top 10 Best Gospel Artists and Best Gospel Songs

Radio Facts would like to thank Lin. Woods for this submission. [...]

Songs that Basically Said F Monogamy

In the song "No Church in the Wild" from the "Watch the Throne" album, Kanye raps the line, "love is cursed by monogamy." (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Black Music Honors)There are obviously many songwriters and artists that either believe in the premise, or have experienced with it [...]

Vintage Black Comedians, Record Deals and Breaking Records

Radio Facts:Black Comedians Who Paved the WayBlack comedy is the first original American art form.  [...]

The Undeniable Top 10 BEST Black Male Groups From the 90s

Radio Facts:Who were the BEST Black Male Singers in Groups in the 90s?LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 25: Ricky Bell, Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill, Ronnie DeVoe, Michael Bivins and Ralph Tresvant of New Edition accept the Lifetime Achievement Award onstage at 2017 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater on [...]

The Undeniable Top 10 BEST Studio Headphones

Digital and Radio Facts In the last few years, the world has become obsessed with headphones, especially those that come with a celebrity endorsement. Dr. Dre and 50 Cent are just two of the celebrity moguls that have leaped into the world of sound from a different perspective. [...]

Digital and Radio Facts 10 Best Black Vintage Radio DJs

Digital and Radio Facts did an industry poll of the Best Black DJs of All-time ...These are the 10 that made the list but I added some honorable mentions at the end.THIS IS A VINTAGE LIST, THERE ARE MANY GREAT DJS OUT TODAY AND WE WILL HAVE A NEW LIST [...]

Most Underrated Black Female Singers

Digital and Radio Facts: About a decade ago, my colleague Kevin Ross compiled a list of Black female singers that he felt were underrated and under-appreciated in comparison to their talents. [...]

10 Rules of Success in the Music Industry

Digital and Radio Facts: Whether it be with Radio Stations or the Record Labels, there are certain things that make industry life easierThere are certain rules that music and radio pros MUST follow if they are to have long-term success. These are the ones I find most helpful. [...]

10 R&B Songs that NEVER Die

Digital and Radio Facts: There are certain songs in the R&B genre that seem to last forever and never die. Here are a few of them. These are not ALL of the songs that you still hear today just some of them. [...]

Six Ways Blacks CONTRIBUTE to Corporate Racism

Blacks CONTRIBUTE to Corporate Racism?In the midst of all that is going on and FINALLY having a stage and a platform to discuss issues of racism in the industry, I'm sure that title knocked you for a loop but truth be told quite often we have contributed to the [...]

10 Underrated Black Singers Who Should have Been Bigger Stars…

Underrated Black Singers Who Should've Been Bigger StarsThis list is never-ending especially for those of us who work in the industry. We've seen the best of them come and go. [...]

The Digital and Radio Facts Top 10 Best Black Singing Groups of All Time

Radio Facts: Best groups of all time? See who we picked and let us know what you think. 10. [...]


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