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Hot 97’s DJ Magic’s 6th Annual Car, Bike and Lifestyle Show pics

Hot 97's DJ Magic's 6th Annual Car, Bike and Lifestyle Show picsHot 97's own DJ Magic was back at it again, for his 6th Annual Car, Bike and Lifestyle Show. [...]

How to Get Started As a Record Producer

If you have a passion for music and a desire to build a successful career in the entertainment industry, then you may want to start your journey towards becoming a record producer. However, just like any other ambition, being a producer requires intense focus and hard work. [...]

Staff Promotions at V 101.9 & Power 98 in Charlotte

Radio Facts:  Beasley Media Group Announces On Air Staff Promotions at V 101.9 & Power 98 in Charlotte                      Beasley Media Group, LLC, a subsidiary of Beasley Broadcast Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: BBGI) announces the following on air staff promotions on V 101.9 & Power 98 in Charlotte:Brian “Mr. [...]

Katt Williams Radio Roast left Wanda Smith Rotisseried: Why Didnt She Come Back?

The Opportunity of a Lifetime Missed!Every comedian and true radio Radio DJ in the industry has to be shaking their head at the opportunity that Wanda Smith missed by not coming back at Katt Williams and finishing him off during the unexpected radio roast this past week. [...]

Steve Harvey Talks about “Success” on the Steve Harvey’s Morning Show

Digital and Radio Facts: As always, steve harvey and his crew spoke about a lot of inspiring topics on his Morning Show. He started off by telling people to be grateful for waking up in the morning and acknowledging the small things in life. [...]

Two Stations in Western New York get New Competitors, Heating Up

Radio is getting very interesting in the Western New York region. [...]

So how is J Anthony Brown doing on the Steve Harvey Show?

It's been slightly more than a week now since J Anthony Brown has been on the Steve Harvey morning show. Have you been listening? What is your opinion? Is he a good fit? We really want your opinion about the show. [...]

J Anthony Brown’s First Day on the Steve Harvey Morning Show (audio) ‘I passed...

Digital and Radio Facts: Will the true radio pros step to the back? After a winded introduction by Harvey, J Anthony Brown is announced and it's evident he's going to bring a much-needed comedy element to the show and he's much easier on a communicators' ears. [...]

Steve Harvey Seeks Help of Expert to Repair his Tattered Image

Digital and Radio Facts: Steve Havey has been having a really hard time lately with his reputation. [...]

Steve Harvey Morning Show Boycott Reaches Close to 1000 Signatures

Yesterday, Radio Facts got 600 requests, along with emails and texts for the link to boycott The Steve Harvey Morning Show from Premiere Networks. Obviously, people are still very upset with Harvey meeting with Trump. [...]


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10 Things You May or May Not Know about Dr. Martin...

In honor of his birthday, we wanted to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by pointing out a few things that you may or may not know about the acclaimed Civil Rights leader. Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. [...]