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Urban Radio Pro”s Quick Tips to Using “Leverage”

As the year winds down, I've been blown away by the amount of money and the assignments people are getting in our industry who don't have urban radio backgrounds like we do but have found ways to capitalize on [...]

Hot 97’s Ebro and Rosenberg Say the Zimmerman and DMX Fight CAN NOT Happen

Ebro and Peter Rosenberg utilized their "The Realness" segment to discuss the potential "celebrity" fight between george zimmerman and dmx. [...]

Black Comments Attack Tyler Perry’s Success so a White Man Defines “Black People logic”

A White Man's Definition of “Black People logic” A video segment on World Star Hip Hop talked about Tyler Perry's success and his new Christmas movie. [...]

Don Lemon, New Commentator on Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) ? Why didn’t Radio Facts Know This?

The Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) has gone through a few changes recently. The show has eliminated the entertainment segment with Kevin Frazier and has added CNN's Don Lemon as a commentator. [...]

Michael Baisden Responds to Skip Murphy and D.L. Hughley Replacing Him

Ruth Crespo wrote: Well Skip Murphy didn't last long. Now D.L. Hugley? You know they need to bring Michael Baisden Show back.Baisden's Response: I hope the industry is learning a valuable lesson. [...]

Clear Channel Radio DJ’s Anti-Gay Remark Has GLAAD Calling …

WMMS team member Dominic Dieter (pictured)100.7's popular morning show "Rover's Morning Glory" in Cleveland, is under intense fire for an anti-gay remark he made on-air during the Friday morning broadcast.GLAAD has called on Clear Channel, WMMS's parent company, to [...]

Was this Vesta’s Last Performance? (vid)

This video was taped 4 to 5 days before she was found dead. [...]

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