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Urban Radio Pro”s Quick Tips to Using “Leverage”

Radio Facts: As the year winds down, I've been blown away by the amount of money and the assignments people are getting in our industry who don't have urban radio backgrounds like we do but have found ways to capitalize on the culture of urban radio, culture and black music.

Hot 97’s Ebro and Rosenberg Say the Zimmerman and DMX Fight CAN NOT Happen

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: Ebro and Peter Rosenberg utilized their "The Realness" segment to discuss the potential "celebrity" fight between george zimmerman and dmx.

Black Comments Attack Tyler Perry’s Success so a White Man Defines “Black People logic”

A White Man's Definition of “Black People logic”A video segment on World Star Hip Hop talked about Tyler Perry's success and his new Christmas movie. The piece described Perry as a man who was once homeless and now he's worth $400 million dollars. What's most interesting is no matter what you think of Perry's movies...

Don Lemon, New Commentator on Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) ? Why didn’t Radio...

The Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) has gone through a few changes recently. The show has eliminated the entertainment segment with Kevin Frazier and has added CNN's Don Lemon as a commentator. I am disappointed that as the leading number one Black industry site, we were not made aware of this addition to the show.

Michael Baisden Responds to Skip Murphy and DL Hughley Replacing Him

Ruth Crespo wrote: Well Skip Murphy didn't last long. Now D.L. Hugley? You know they need to bring Michael Baisden Show back.Baisden's Response: I hope the industry is learning a valuable lesson.

Snoop Dogg and Mister Cartoon Join Forces At Sanctiond

Global Music Icon Snoop Dogg announced today he is joining Mister Cartoon as a business partner and ambassador of the Sanctiondâ„¢ Automotive brand. Over...

BJ Murphy partners with Momentum Marketing and Credit X Man

BJ Murphy joint ventures with Momentum Marketing to stimulate the Success Movement All over the country with emphasis on Corporate Credit Building Charlotte,...

WOW: Look at Wendy Williams

Radio Facts: Wendy has come a long way in what appears to be a short time.   20 years, however, is NOT a short time. While she may or may not be your cup of tea, you have to give her credit.   She's looking like money these days... and she has broken the urban radio announcer ceiling of lifelong dues.

Public Radio App turns iPhone into radio recorder

Radio Facts: If you are a fan of public radio you will want to give a new iPhone app a test drive. The application, simply named Public Radio App, allows you to listen to live steams of public radio stations across the country.

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