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Syndicated Radio Host Warren Ballentine Indicted on $10 Million Mortgage Fraud

Warren Ballentine who calls himself, "The People's Attorney" and formats his show around the premise of community empowerment, community organization, economic independence, and building knowledge has a long road ahead of him with the legal system and not in the fashion he finds most comfortable.Ballentine, who grew up on the south side of Chicago, can be heard on Chicago's Soul

Warren Ballentine Show Axed in Atlanta at WAOK

Radio Facts: Warren Ballentine's show has been axed from Atlanta's WAOK (1380 AM). He put this message on his FaceBook page: "The SHOW IS STILL ON EVERYDAY ACROSS THE NATION we lost 1380am in atl but already have 3 other stations looking to add us in the ATL.

Why Was Smooth Jazz Really Smooth R&B Anyway? Magic 107.5 Deputs in Atl

Radio Facts: I remember listening to Smooth Jazz 107.5 when I lived in Atlanta and it was always "Smooth Jazz 107.5" but Luther Vand ross was not a Jazz artist neither was After 7 or Gerald Levert... I thought that perhaps the station was poorly programmed or perhaps they thought the listeners were just that stupid.