South Florida Urban Radio Obit: ALL Syndication War Story? Steve Harvey, Tom Joyner , Rickey Smiley, Michael Baisden and Keith Sweat


I refuse to believe the BEST urban radio can do is syndication. Found this story this morning about a radio war for the best syndicated show. Excuse me while I fart.   This is hilarious. Is South Florida void of ALL local talent? I swear the more I read this sh… the more I want to program a syndication free radio station and prove my point.

South Florida radio war?? What in De Fook? Gregory Lewis / Sun Sentinial

The radio war in South Florida between Hot 105 and 103.5 The Beat is a battle for the ears of grown black folks. They play the same type of music — today’s soul music and rhythm and blues Old School. They both have syndicated shows during the morning rush hour. Hot 105 has The Tom Joyner Morning Show, which connects black Americans nationally to what’s happening in the black community.

The Beat uses Steve Harvey in that 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. spot. Harvey is a comic turned radio host. His show’s hook is the Strawberry Letter. He reads a letter about relationships and then analyzes the issues over the air. Who do you prefer on the morning drive? Joyner or Harvey? Or do you turn you radio to 99 JAMZ and listen to Ricky Smiley?

Michael Baisden, the baddest man in radio, has a thought-provoking show at 3 p.m. on Hot 105. Comedy and Old School music are mixed in. Baisden has a strong point of view and too often shuts off those who don’t agree with him. Nonetheless, Baisden has attracted a solid following and I’m glad he’s relocated his base of operations to South Florida.

Both Hot 105 and 103.5 The Beat move to the love song format at 7 p.m., which for me is way too early for a continuous roll of slow jams. Freddy Cruz’ s “Quiet Storm” has been around forever. His distinctive deep voice is the signature of his show, which goes until midnight.

At 7 p.m. The Beat syndicates The Sweat Hotel, which is hosted by singer Keith Sweat. He takes calls from listeners between the love songs and asks them to confess or apologize to their husband s, boyfriends or lovers if they’ve done them wrong.

Do you check into The Sweat Hotel in the evenings or tune into the Quiet Storm?

South Florida urban music fans are lucky to have choices. While most urban communities are limited to one soul music station. South Florida has WMIB and WQHT and hip-hop fans have 99 JAMZ. It would be nice if some station played jazz.

Which stations and shows do you listen to? Are you loyal to one station or do you flip the dial? Would you like to hear more jazz on the radio? What do you think of the radio talk show hosts Tom Joyner , Steve Harvey, Ricky Smiley in the mornings and Michael Baisden in the afternoons?



  1. There is plenty of good radio play of jazz – you just don’t find it on the terristrial platform anymore. Online play of live radio shows, archieved radio shows, or podcasts provide anything you might be looking for to match your interests.

  2. I have had the chance to listen to all of these shows including Brian McNight show. All of these shows including russ parr and any other syndicated show sound EXACTLY the same. They try to add a little different tactics and hooks to line in the listener, but the main reason people will tune in is because of the names STEVE HARVEY, RICKEY SMILEY, ect.

    I would rathe listen to a local morning show over that syndication stuff any day. You get a good buzz when you first start that big syndicated show…but it becomes repetitive and boring.

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