Steve Harvey Chides Tavis Smiley and Cornel West’s ‘Thelma and Louise’ Tour


Tavis Smiley and Cornel West are now channeling Thelma and Louise (lol) on their Poverty Tour of America to focus on Obama’s lack of concern for poor people. What in the hell is wrong with this two fools.For the first time I’m going to agree with Steve Harvey in his assessment of the situation. Harvey stated on his show “I was a huge fan of Cornel West,” he said. “Tavis, I seen him coming a mile away. His anger started when he had a town hall meeting, President Obama couldn’t come because of the campaign trail  and he sent Mrs. Obama.  He has held that grudge every since.”Is it true that Cornel is pissed because he did not get an invitation to Obama’s inauguration?   How infantile.   Harvey added:   “Have you ever been invited to the damn inauguration?  Did Bush send for you? Did Clinton send for you? Did Reagan send for you?” I agree Steve… Is it me or does Cornel look homeless?Harvey also states, “You don’t have any real basis behind your dislike for this man”¦you keep masking it saying it’s not about hate. Then what is it about? Poverty existed before January 20, 2008. Where was your damn bus then?”Tavis suggests that President Obama sit down with he and West for two or three days to discuss poverty in America.   Is Tavis mentally ill? Does he know he can’t hold a candle to President Obama? Nobody knows who Tavis is anymore. ” Harvey said, “Who in the hell got 2-3 days for your ass? I ain’t got time to sit down with your monkey behind for two, three days, let alone the President of the United States. We got three wars going on, the economy crashing and we going to sit down with Tavis ass for three days?”Harvey alluded to a more sinister motive for West and Smiley’s Poverty Tour, asking, “Where are you getting  the money for these buses?”   He ended his rant by saying that he’d spotted an Uncle Tom driving a bus. 

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  1. Tavis Smiley has been riding President Obama, from day one. It’s not the president fault that this situation about the economy has taken it’s toll. why didn’t Tavis and Prof West sit down with former president, Bush, when wall street fell and complain to them that this would affect the middle and lower income people then. What this country has to do is go back to basic, it was just a matter of time before we would get this. We saw it coming when Bush was in office, but noone said anything….TAVIS YOU SHOULD HAVE SPOKEN THEN….

  2. Tavis and Dr. West encompass Christianity – looking out for the lesser among us. Harvey encompasses greed and acquisition.

    Harvey claims the President cannot talk with these men because of three wars and the economy. President Obama could end those wars – one of which -Libya – HE chose to start and a ll of which he has chosen to perpetuate – and thus, improve the economy by removing the costs of these wars.

    Possibly, they did not do this t our during the Bush administration because they expected nothing from him. The heartbreak of the Obama administration is that so many expected so much HOPE, and have gotten nothing.

  3. Well, FINALLY…Steve Hardy has said something that I (too) agree with!!! And “thank you, Mr. Harvey”! Why the Hell didn’t Tavis and his sidekick – Dr. West – get on a bus and roll up to the White house during the Bush Administration!?! Our country’s woes are NOT the doing of Barack Obama…and WE ALL need to admit/say that – and try to work with this man in his attempts to “right these wrongs”!!! My GOD…what’s wrong with folks, these days?!?


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