eBook “How to Get Your Song Played on the Radio” by Radio Facts founder Kevin Ross


Unfortunately, there are so many people who are consistently getting ripped off by people who claim to be radio promoters.

They spend most of their budget on getting their songs played on the radio with little to no results.

Unfortunately, a lot of this comes from not properly doing their research and finding out who the actual promoters are in this book Radio Facts, CEO and founder Kevin Ross explains to the readers how to seek out the actual music industry and promoters and how to stop wasting their money on fake promoters or people who are not connected to the industry.

Read an excerpt of the e-book below, then order by clicking the image or this link.

Excerpt … 10 Ways to Get Your Song Played on the Radio… $3.99


One of the greatest untapped resources is college radio. Often, college stations are so discombobulated and not well programmed and all over the place, which is why they’re not taken seriously often by the industry.

Still, others are supremely programmed and have graduated to be respected stations like WHUR and Washington DC, and WCLK in Atlanta. Major labels don’t often serve college stations with products (current music), so they are starving for music, perhaps even yours. Many college stations are broken down into segments. Some may do rock on Wed nights and hip-hop on Thurs.

College stations also have program directors, but the formats are a LOT more lenient than commercial radio, so students who work at the station probably have carte blanch to play what they want. Doesn’t hurt to check and see. Once again, Google “College radio, Hip-Hop, local artists,” for example, to find out when and where you can try to get your music placed.… (order your copy of the eBook here)

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