Today, viral sensation Kanii (pronounced Ka-Nee) doubles down on his genre-blurring sound with his major label debut single “I Know.” Listen HERE via Masked Records/Warner Records.

The release, his first since signing with the label, is a gorgeous fusion of Jersey Club and alt-R&B. Incredibly innovative, “I Know” picks up where Kanii’s previously viral heaters “companion” and “attachment” left off: with a wholly original, addictive sound. 

Built around a simple and regretful refrain (“I fucked up girl, I know”), Kanii’s banger has the sweep of a futuristic orchestra. The 17-year-old sings over thumping bass, choir samples, and dreamy synths. Instead of drowning in heartbreak, he learns from the painful experience and it shows.

Kanii’s appeal is immediate: Jersey Club bass, effortless melodies, and a singular voice.

The newcomer’s ability to conjure earworm melodies out of thin air is a direct result of his unapologetic originality and unharnessed talent. 

Hailing from Washington DC, the Duke Ellington School of the Arts student has amassed nearly 1 million streams on Spotify and built a loyal social media following. Currently wrapping up his senior year of high school, the teen honed his craft in an intensive after school program.

With “I Know,” it’s abundantly clear why Kanii is capturing a new generation of audiences. With his upbeat production and raw, emotional lyrics, he’s creating a sonic universe all his own.


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