Monday, January 25, 2021

Frank Ski Talks to Famous Atlanta Strippers (video)

V103 is really pushing the envelope to do compelling radio. KUDOS. [...]

Legendary Icons Marvin Gaye and Gregory Will Be Featured in 2019 Forever Sts

Legendary singer-songwriter Marvin Gaye and tap dancer and actor Gregory Hine will be honored by the United States Postal Service (USPS) in 2019.The USPS will be making commemorative sts honoring the two legends. [...]

Rick Party Exits Hot 105 in Miami

I have the greatest respect for Rick Party because he learned a long time ago about the importance of not just being a broadcaster but also an entrepreneur. [...]

Chamillionaire’s Great Presentation Introducing New App’Convoz’

The other day one of my closest friends in the industry told me his radio corporation had a meeting telling the Radio DJs how to prepare for their next opportunity. I almost fell out of my chair. This is BRILLIANT and TRUE. [...]

Entertainment Industry leaders launch new association

 Local Entertainment Industry leaders launch new association and partners with a credit union to bring Atlanta’s creative community financial soundness.A group of visionary professionals have come together in an effort to influence, inspire and educate those in Atlanta's entertainment industry about financial literacy, wealth building and career sustainability. [...]

Rick Party and Benji Brown back 2 to 7, Hot 105 in Miami

What Happened to Michael Baisden?Rick Party and Benji Brown are back on in the afternoon 2 to 7 at Hot 105 Miami, they were moved to the 10 to 3 shift a year ago when Michael Baisden came to the station. [...]

Digital and Radio Facts Talks to Michael Baisden on his "Best Return of the...

Michael Baisden "Best Return of the Year"“ I produced my social media page in the same way I did the radio show, and the audience responded.”Michael Baisden is one of the most compelling, dedicated, and entertaining people on the air. He took a break from radio for four years. [...]
Michael Baisden Talks Women Making Bad Choices at For Sisters Only Celebration

Michael Baisden and Lenny Green Add Stations

Digital and Radio Facts: The Michael Baisden ShowWUFO Buffalo, NYWLMC Georgetown, SCWGFT Youngstown, OHThe Quiet Storm with Lenny GreenWAKB Augusta, GAKGTO Tulsa, OKKXCA Lawton, OK [...]

Michael Baisden hires veteran radio and television personality Lorenzo “Ice Tea” Thomas.

Michael Baisden hires veteran radio and television personality Lorenzo “Ice Tea” Thomas.Industry vet Lorenzo "Ice Tea" Thomas is now a part of the Michael Baisden team. [...]

Digital audio advertising dollars on the rise ‘The more targeted, the better ROI’

(New York) Radio reaches 91 percent of Americans and more of these listeners are choosing digital audio options to curate their own music news and entertainment, creating niche markets for advertisers to invest their ad dollars.The number of digital radio listeners will grow about 12 percent by 2019 with [...]


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The Undeniable BEST Black Female Singers of All Time

Absolute Best Black Female Singers of All TimeDigital and Radio Facts: Who Are the Top Black Female Singers of All Time? [...]