Transgender Woman in Car with Teddy Pendergrass Tells her side of the Story

Teddy Pendergrass Car Accident – Transgender Woman in Accident with the Late Teddy Pendergrass Finally Speaks Out

In 1982, Teddy Pendergrass was on top of the world.

The Black Church: A Multi-Billion Dollar Social Club?

Several readers have pointed out that the the Black Church has been very silent during the Covid pandemic. EDITOR’S NOTE: The Black Church story is by a guest writers. Guest writer submissions may or may not be the opinion of Radio Facts or its editors. We welcome writers and comments to all stories. This story … Read more

The Undeniable BEST Black Male Singers of All Time

best black male singers, davidruffin-1.jpg

Best Black Male Singers: Who are the Best Black Male Singers? Perhaps a great part of great talent is great pain. I realized at least five of the women on yesterday’s list had suffered from some kind of addiction problem and four of the seven men on this list have also suffered from addiction. It … Read more

Top 90s Love Songs by Black Female Singers

Radio Facts: Radio Facts:(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for Park MGM)Top Songs of the 90s by Black Female SingersWhat was it about the 90’s that made music so dope? Was it the producers, the songwriters, the artists, or the collaborative efforts of all parties involved?

The Undeniable BEST Black Female Singers of All Time

The Undeniable BEST Black Female Singers of All Time

Absolute Best Black Female Singers of All TimeWho Are the Top Black Female Singers of All Time? – Any way that you look at it black women singers have made an indelible mark on the history of soul music as everything from soul singers, to crossing over to pop music singers.

That Time Ellen DeGeneres Cancelled Gospel Singer Kim Burrell for Extreme Rant Bashing Homosexuals and the Late Eddie Long (video)

Kim Burrell was once canceled by Ellen DeGeneres for an appearance to sing with Pharell from the movie soundtrack Hidden Figures in 2017. Ellen was not too far off on this one. Burrell also insulted Fantasia’s vocal ability.

Back by Popular Demand: GirlTrek’s #BlackHistoryBootCamp Returns for Second Installment on August 3rd

GirlTrek, the largest health movement for Black women and girls, is launching its second season of #BlackHistoryBootCamp on Monday, August 3rd. The Acts of Resistance edition is a 21-day walking challenge that will celebrate powerful acts of resistance in Black culture.Like season one of #BlackHistoryBootCamp, which focused on Black women of historic significance such as Ida B.

The Undeniable Top 10 Best Black Female Singers in Groups of All Time

The Undeniable Top 10 Best Black Female Singers in Groups of All Time

Digital and Radio Facts:

Best Black Female Singers in the The Top 10 Best Female Groups of All Time.

A Multi-Billion Dollar Social Club? A Deeper Exploration of The Black Church

In light of just finding out many “nonprofit” churches have gotten massive PPP funding, we thought this story is relevant …

By Guest Blogger:  Roosevelt “Arje” Jackson

Radio Facts – Originally posted October 8, 2013

EDITOR’S NOTE: Guest blogger submissions may or may not be the opinion of Radio Facts or its editors.

ESSENCE Study Reveals Insights On Media Portrayals Of Black Women


Radio Facts: From primetime television to cable news, African-American women consume more media than any other comparison groups, and today, there is more mass and targeted content featuring African-American women than ever before.

Inspirational Movies for Personal Growth

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: We are not only in a crisis right now we are in a world of (opportunity for) self-discovery and personal growth and that scares the dong out of many people. For the first time, an opportunity to absolve ourselves from the “responsibility” of making everybody and everything ELSE first and making … Read more

6 Great Things about the NEW Music and Radio Industry…


Radio Facts: Originally posted November 29, 2015 – I consistently hear industry vets who are having a hard time finding their way complain about the “new” industry and a desire to go back to the industry from 20 years ago. I rarely say anything until now. I just don’t agree.

Kim Burrell Goes on Extreme Rant Bashing Homosexuals and Eddie Long (vid)


Radio Facts:
Kim Burrell stays in deep sh. She recently insulted Fantasia’s vocal ability. Here she goes off the deep end on the LGBTQ community then in the video below it, she denies everything she said in the first video.



Double Golden Globe® and SAG Award® nominated actress Cynthia Erivo, director/co-writer Kasi Lemmons, and producers Debra Martin Chase and Daniela Taplin Lunberg to receive annual award presented by largest group of Black Film Critics in the world (Los Angeles) – The African American Critics Association (AAFCA) and the family of legendary director Stanley Kramer announced that the women behind