KEVIN’S SUMMARY: A Woman’s Feet/Cross-Dressing Exec/Radio’s Calling Me


Radio Facts: I love to see a woman with clean feet and stylish expensive shoes. Perhaps this is why so many women have shoe addictions because they know men like nice feet and the shoes bring attention to them. It takes a certain kind of woman to pull it off. I have one female friend who has PRISTINE taste in shoes and her feet are always perfect. If you go to one of those neighborhood nail joints and get pictures of world maps painted on your toenails or rainbows and sh… that INSTANTLY kills the appeal of the shoes and it looks cheap. I don’t have a foot fetish… Then again… Maybe I do… My list of strange sh… is just never-ending….So a well-known industry vet likes to wear women’s panties, bras and fishnet stockings. Hey I am not The Lord Jesus… Why do people say that? I mean who is The Lord? Is that the same person as Jesus? Is “Lord” Jesus’ first name? Anyway… I won’t even attempt to judge anyone else but if you KNEW who this person is… I SWEAR you would sh… on yourself laughing. Do what makes you happy but I have to admit, when his ex girlfriend blurted that sh… out to me recently, I laughed until my top teeth fell out. Not because he wears women’s panties but I was thinking about the  industry image he tries to portray. I don’t like him but I even have loyalty to people I don’t like… There must be a support group for people like me…I am at Starbucks drinking an ice green tea that I got for 50 Cents. I brought in an old cup that was in my car and asked for a refill. I feel guilty because the cup is from a couple of days ago but I see EVERYBODY else doing the same thing. I mean why should I pay $3.00 for my iced green tea when I see everybody else paying 50 Cents? Am I wrong? IS there a support group for people like me…I’m thinking about getting back into radio (I know a SHOCKER isn’t it?) I will be working for a white station this time (you don’t have to teach me anything 400 times… Just 399 times will do). I am thinking about doing it cause I just rejoined AFTRA which is a great union. Since black stations don’t believe in unions or paying talent (laugh, I kill me), I have no choice but to work for a white station… Should I feel guilty? Well, sh…, I don’t. I’m glad I always had a general market sound.What in the hell is the value of FaceBook. Is it a way to hear people spew their isms and theories of life and God? Is it to post a video of their baby farting? Is it to post their favorite video of an old R&B Group? Is it for the lonely underfooked individual to reach back to what once was instead of dealing with WHAT IS!!! YES… One thing’s for sure it sure isn’t a place to make business contacts or money. I’m going to kill my account on FB. I’m headed for Linked-in.