KEVIN’S SUMMARY: Cross Dressing Vet, Validity Sans Worth, Radio One Recall


Radio Facts: Greetings my industry associates. I would say friends but life has taught me the meaning of that word in the WORST way (laugh). My cousin’s father (not my blood uncle) who should have written a book was a pimp and he always had these street theories about life. He told me once if you have 2 friends, consider yourself lucky! He was SO right (laugh). Anyway, I ran into an old aquantence recently who used to date an industry vet. Apparently the breakup was not a good one as we sat in Starbucks and talked and she revealed some things to me I didn’t really need to know.

This man was/is pristine in presenting a stellar reputation, to absolutely no avail… a lot of industry people just don’t like him, I know that he has also talked about me behind my back… and NOBODY is safe when their name is brought up around him. He often told me of his dislike for everything from whorish women to gays to crooked industry people to white people to “niggas” to cheating spouses to dishonest people and thugs. Basically, he hated the entire industry…. (laugh) Why didn’t he just become a garbage man? All he did was talk trash. To make a long story short, his ex girlfriend told me she had to leave him because he was not only a liar, she could not get used to him wearing bras and panties… I froze and I had to ask her… What the fook did you just say? She repeated it even louder and I almost fell out of my chair, as if that was not enough, she confessed that he insisted on going out on weekends with fishnet stocking under his slacks…and he wanted her to buy his high-heeled pumps which he wore around the house. Hey, who am I to judge, if you are a man who wants to dress like a less than stellar hideous ho then more power to you, but when I tried to picture THIS man, who despised so many types of people… first, THEN wearing women’s underwear… I didn’t think there was even a remote possibility that I would EVER stop laughing. You know how you laugh so hard that other people start to join in after looking at you like you have lost your fooking mind? If I told you who it is I PROMISE you would fall out of your chair laughing too. I don’t know why I am so fooking loyal even to people who I KNOW are not loyal to me but I am. Why is it that people are are so against sh… are usually really FOR it and often have the biggest secrets. I have concluded that if you are ever in the company of someone who absolutely DESPISES something… like Tavis Smiley despises Barack Obama… it’s really a failed effort at disquising jealousy and envy.

An industry person was bragging about a site that is so popular amongst industry people. Basically a site that Def Jam and LA Reid spend a FORTUNE on in advertising support. I had to see it as I knew when I heard it was supported by LA Reid it was certainly not a black-owned company….. Turns out the site had a ranking of about 2 million compared to my 150,000. In the internet ratings game the lower your number the bigger your audience. He MIGHT get 150 hits per day compared to my 18,000. I then concluded after 25 years of being in the industry FOOK IT… it really IS all about who you know (and who you blow). I would think the labels are into looking at how many people are reading your sh…, I think MOST of them are but this was the catalyst to make me say… time to do something else…

I just got a check from Radio One for some work I did for them. I have talked about Radio One in this blog pretty bad (and pretty good too) and I was looking at that check and I thought.. to myself… I have NEVER gotten work from Clear Channel, Cox, CBS, Emmis or any other radio corporation… (I have also not tried… well Clear Channel once and with no success) so I’m going to lay off and SUPPORT Radio One. Say what you may but they have always been good to me. So from now on I will be good to them. However, I will STILL talk about Tom Joyner and the need for younger, fresher talent to have an opportunity to shine. I am VERY much against ancient ass industry vets dominating the airwaves at 132 years of age (including me).

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