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Who Was Natina Reed? Her Life and Death

Natina Reed (born October 28, 1979 - October 27, 2012) died a day before her 33rd birthday. She was an American actress, rapper, singer, teen idol and songwriter in the R&B trio Blaque.

Radio Facts’ Advice for All Young Black Radio Industry People

Music and radio industry trades have always had the propensity to focus on the successful aspects of our industry; corporate moves, management, acquisitions, and music. I think it is also our responsibility (or at least my own) to give back and to teach younger people how to navigate the unpredictable industry waters.

Former Black College Presidents Come Together to Improve Education

Four former Black College presidents announced the launch of TM2 Education Search, which provides retained search and leadership development services targeting Historically Black Colleges & Universities and Predominantly Black Institutions (the Black College Community).TM2 Education Search is the brainchild of former Black College presidents John Garland (former President of Central State University);

Ex-Bronco Bill Romanowski Calls Cam Newton a “Boy” and Then…

If you are not familiar with Bill Romanowski, he was considered one of the dirtiest players in the league and he was often called out by his own teammates.

Need a Job? The Professional Diversity Network and the NAACP is Trying to Help...

Professional Diversity Network will present a series of Diversity Career Fair events across the country throughout the year.
Mental health symbol conceptual design isolated on white background

Mental Health Organizations Partner to Support Mental Health Of College Students Of Color

The JED Foundation (JED) and the Steve Fund, two leading mental health organizations, announced a joint plan to provide colleges and universities with recommended practices for improving support for

Nielsen: Trending Radio Listening in September

Radio Facts: The arrival of fall in the U.S. marks an annual turning point for radio listening.

Florida Sheriff’s Controversial Stance on Stand Your Ground Law

Sheriff Scott Israel is the most outspoken sheriff in Florida when it comes to changing the "Stand Your Ground" law. It's really a shame that he is considered the Sheriff with the controversial opinion of the law being that he actually wants it changed so that we don't have another Trayvon Martin or Jordan Davis incident.

Nielsen Report Reveals Interesting Comparisons Between Male and Female Technology Usage

Innovation is a happy word for consumers. Often, technological breakthroughs help consumers live a shade more conveniently and perhaps a little better.

DNC Celebrates Black History Month with “Our Values, Our Voice, Our Vote” Series

The DNC is launching their “Our Values, Our Voice, Our Vote” series online at www.democrats.org to celebrate the diversity of the party, reflect on the many achievements African-American Democrats have made, and call their neighbors and communities to action on the work that remains to be done to continue to move this country forward.

Chris Christie Addresses Horrific Lane Closures that Led to Staff Terminations

If you haven't heard about this, Chris Christie's staff was responsible for the closure of most of the on-ramp lanes leading to the George Washington Bridge between New Jersey and New York the week of September 9, 2013, which led to an absolute nightmare on the roads in Fort Lee, slowing emergency vehicles and causing citizens a world of trouble.
For all you Mercedes Benz lovers.

CES Report: John Legend, Swizz Beats and More -We Got Pics!

Click Next for More Pics:Click Next for More Pics:Click Next for More Pics:CLICK NEXT FOR MORE PICSCLICK NEXT FOR MORE PICSCLICK NEXT FOR MORE PICS

CES Producer Donates Funds to Advance Sustainability Efforts in Las Vegas

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®, owner and producer of the International CES®, the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies, held annually in Las Vegas, today announced the continuation of its tradition to award local organizations with funds for sustainability projects.

CES Report: SOL REPUBLIC Creates First Cross-Over Headphone

It's that time of year again when Las Vegas turns up when every geek, tech guru, and gadget enthusiast hits the the town to show off the new technology about to hit the market.Last year we came across a ton of headphones and this years seems to be starting out the same with Sol Republic.Committed to changing the world one

PBS PREVIEW CLIPS / Ep 4-6 “African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross”

The remaining three episodes of Henry Louis Gates, Jr.’s critically acclaimed PBS docu-series “The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross,” which will air Tuesday November 12th, 19th and 26th at 8pm ET/PT on PBS.