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Skip Murphy Replacing Michael Baisden

skipmurphyRadioFacts has confirmed that radio vet will be replacing Michael Baisden. Cumulus was rushing to find a replacement over the last week and after several people turned it down Murphy accepted. This means that TWO of RadioFacts predictions have now come true This One and This One.   Murphy will be joined by as his co-host. to Skip. The syndication company is testing Murphy’s show with previous Baisden affiliates. Personally, we would have let Murphy bring his own team but that’s just us.

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  1. I don’t doubt that Skip Murphy and Jasmin aren’t good in the market. However, I know for a fact that he is “not” living in Miami???
    April is Autism Awareness month. Here in Miami, there are over 10K plus people that walk on behalf of Autism; any chance of an “on air” personality being involved? How about just showing up to meet these kids / families so they feel that the community is there to stand with us? not a station van posed up on the corner, but a real person that the listeners can physically see and or meet. The people in the community view our our air joc’s as celebrities. We have the Hottest station, why not make it the Hottest Community.


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