Jamillah Muhammad Out at Beasley Broadcasting's WPEG


No word on what happened we are still waiting to hear from both Jamillah and Beasley but we know that she is no longer with the company. She just started with the company a little more than a year ago. Is Jamillah about to go to another Radio Station ? We will keep you posted.


  1. I hear it is because of her performance. I live in Charlotte, and know a lot of people who currently and formerly work(ed) at Beasley/CBS. Ratings, revenue, attendance at major events and community perception are all down. Community involvement was a major focus under Terri Avery (the previous PD), and that’s a major reason why her brands were so strong and she was so successful. She knew what her audience wanted because she and her staff were consistently involved. Jam came in last year and immediately began making changes. She fired good staff, hired her friends and changed the music, logo and slogan, and tried to distance herself from the old “brand” almost immediately upon arrival. She didn’t take the time to learn the market, what people liked and didn’t like and what people wanted and didn’t want. The results never materialized because the changes were not what people wanted.

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  3. Sounds like one of Terri friends posted on the site. ??? From what I hear neither were all that great (Terri or Jam). Attitude and treating people with respect goes a long way. Both had flaws and perhaps positives. Clearly neither were a fit for Beasley.

    • Attitude is important, but results are what matters. At the end of the day, radio is a business. Terri got results and Jam didn’t. That’s why Terri lasted 14 years, and Jam lasted 1. I barely know Terri, but I respect the job she did as a programmer. I can’t say the same for Jam.


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