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MCMarcus Chapman-air personality, music historian, author
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MCMarcus Chapman-air personality, music historian, author

Marcus Chapman was born and raised on Chicago’s south east side. He began his career at WKDI in DeKalb, Illinois while attending . After graduating with a Bachelors of Arts Degree and a minor in Black Studies, Chapman became the youngest employee at in Chicago. After serving time as a studio assistant and show producer, he joined the staff of on-air personalities. Chapman began building a significant following through his Friday night/Saturday morning show called “The Afterset”, and eventually became the host of WGCI‘s two hottest primetime weekend shows, and the city’s number one weekly party. Chapman was then hired by Indianapolis radio station as host of their nightly 6 to 10 show. While helping WTLC achieve number one ratings at night, Chapman garnered attention from stations in various cities around the country. After nearly landing in , , Philadelphia, and Raleigh, , MC was hired by Dallas-Ft. Worth’s legendary , alias K104. He then returned to WGCI in Chicago, and also worked as a music researcher for the radio data company . Chapman then relocated from Chicago to Atlanta, and was heard several times on that city’s #1 station WVEE (). He now resides in Dallas, Texas again.

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