So how is J Anthony Brown doing on the Steve Harvey Show?


It’s been slightly more than a week now since J Anthony Brown has been on the Steve Harvey morning show. Have you been listening? What is your opinion? Is he a good fit? We really want your opinion about the show. Feel free to comment or do poll below.

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  1. DJ Fade the owner of thatcrack mixtapes is one of the top 5 mix DJs in the world . who made this list ? They are not even close to correct

  2. I thought he was a good fit. I didn’t know he left the TJMS so it was a shock to hear him on the show. But Jay and Steve together this morning put me in a good mood while driving this morning.

  3. Steve is the ONLY star on his show. J Anthony Brown don’t Know when he should speak. Steve cuts him off and J hesitates a lot, where he used to speak a lot more freely on TJMS. J and Steve may be friends, but not friends enough for J to speak freely. It seems that everybody on Steve’s show only speak what is ok with Steve (they will change what they say to please Steve. J is a squirrel trying to get a nut on Steve’s show.

  4. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Talking about your previous job with new employer is childish, and sends a bad message to the younger people.

  5. I think that was J’s demise……being funnier than Steve and those ladies laughing a little too hard at J’s jokes because I don’t think he is even on the SHMS anymore……..looks like it’s time for me to find out where J is and listen to him there.


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