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Skinny Greg

When it comes to music, DJ Skinny probably has it encoded into his DNA. Born in St. Andrew, Jamaica, he was enveloped in the rich musical influences of the US,
Europe and the sounds of the caribbean. This inspired his appreciation for many genres, and he’s written and sung for Hip-Hop, RnB, Rock, House, Reggae and even Gospel and Country.

In 2002 Skinny moved to the US and met DJ GQ, a 15 year veteran who noticed his aptitude for music. Skinny jumped at the opportunity to learn how to DJ under GQ’s direct leadership and supervision. The endeavors were fruitful as Skinny has had success in playing at several prominent night clubs across South Florida.

With his explosive sounds and his ability to read his audience, DJ Skinny continues to rock the crowd and bring the party to life with his blends of Reggae, RnB, Pop, Rock and House and amazing mashups across all genres. This has gained the attention of Stanton Magnetics, a leading DJ equipment company and Coast 2 Coast DJ‘s, one of the largest DJ coalitions in the industry; He is now endorsed by both companies.

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