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10 R&B Songs that NEVER Die

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There are certain R&B song genres that seem to last forever and never die. Here are a few of them. These are not ALL of...
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Top 10 Best Black Female Singers in Groups

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Best Black Female Singers in The Top 10 Best Female Groups of All Time. See if you agree that these Black Women rank Highest. To...
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When Record Playing, Radio Stations and Record Labels were Married

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Journey to a Amoeba Music and Record Stores and Record Playing Before it: The Experience This past weekend, I went and purchased a bunch of...
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UNSUNG REVIEW: Billy Preston… One Very Sad Show

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Without question, TV One has a HUGE hit with UNSUNG. I got a raw unedited copy of Billy Preston yesterday and I HOPE they don't...
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Vintage Black Radio DJs

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WOW, NOBODY guessed who these people are. We don't know our Black radio history anymore... too bad. Well here it is, this is who they...
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Best 90s R&B Groups, Black Male Singers

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Who were the BEST Black Male Singers in Groups in the 90s? Who are the Top 10 male R&B groups from the ’90s? In my...
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10 Amazing, Yet Underrated Black Singers Who Should have Been Bigger Stars…

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Underrated Black Singers Who Should've Been Bigger StarsThis list is never-ending especially for those of us who work in the industry. We've seen the best...
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The Indisputable Top 10 Love Songs by Black Male Singers

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Radio Facts: Love has been sung about in Soul Music in a myriad of ways: philosophically, poetically, sexually…in glorious full bloom, in grey rainy reflection…to...
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Radio Facts Reader’s Poll: Top Black Singing Groups of All Time

Radio Facts
Radio Facts did a poll with our readers to find out who they thought the Top 12 BEST R&B Singing Groups of All Time are....
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The Undeniable Top 10 Pop Albums of All Time

A. Scott Galloway
Saying this upfront, compiling a list of Top 10 anything is a recipe for more blowback than solidarity no matter how you slice it....