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New Hot 107.9 Lineup/Philly

Radio Facts:

Should this Woman be working in radio? (vid)

Try to make it past the male in the beginning and then look and hear this woman's perspective on the N word. OK she's rambling a bit but she still makes sense. I see an untapped major talent. This is the kind of woman that Black radio is DESPERATE for.

Troi Torain pka STAR of the Star & Buc Wild Morning show re-launches “˜START...

Philadelphia, PA. (June 29, 2011) "“ Troi Torain pka STAR of the Star & Buc Wild Morning show has re-launched his...

NAACP Heritage Breakfast gathering hears about return of black radio station

DECATUR, Ill - Members of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People may have thought they wasted their   time when they...

Now Shirley Strawberry has an Advice Book Coming

I worked with Shirley at KKBT in Los Angeles and I have always liked her, I consider her a true radio person and...

X107.5 & UFC Fight Holiday Hunger

Radio Facts: X107.5 &

K104 (KKDA-FM) & the Buck Wilde Morning Show helps families with Hip Hop 4...

Radio Facts: Hip Hop 4 Hunger Is Making A Difference                                                     The hunger gap is widening for so many families in the metroplex that the...