The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Questions How Long Should a Person Wait to Date After the Death of a Spouse (VIDEO)


    The Rickey Smiley Morning Show questioned how long a person should wait to date after the death of a spouse.

    Rickey Smiley said after his grandmother died, his grandfather contacted him and said he had a new friend. Smiley said he was okay that his grandfather had found someone else after his spouse had passed away.

    “Those marriage vows say unto death do you part.  You the one that have to sit up in the house by yourself while I’m over here with somebody chilling enjoying myself, enjoying my life,” said Smiley.

    The radio host added that it would not be his place to stop his grandfather from finding happiness.  It is the right of the widow to move on with their lives, and people need to get over it, argued Smiley.

    Da Brat said she disagrees with Smiley’s views. After her grandfather’s death, it took her family a while to accept her grandmother dating someone else.

    “She understood. She didn’t want to move fast, and we didn’t want to see our grandfather replaced that fast… and she was okay with that,” said Da Brat.

    Gary With da Tea said he would not want another person to move in and benefit from the years of hard work that the deceased spouse put into building a family with the widow.

    “You not finna move into my house, my daddy house, and have another family that you once had with children and my momma died and they getting her stuff,” said Gary.

    When the relationship gets that serious, it’s time to sit down and have a business meeting, said Smiley. The surviving spouse should move on, he added.

    “To expect somebody to sit up in the house and be alone because they could die. See, a lot of times people die from heartbreak, they die from loneliness, and sometimes if you give people stuff to do to occupy their mind, and their time or whatever, they would live longer,” said Smiley.

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