The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Discusses the Breakup Between Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan (VIDEO)


    The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discussed the break-up between Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan. Gary With Da Tea said he was heartbroken and cried because of the breakup between the celebrities. The ex-couple announced to People magazine that they were no longer together.

    Allegedly both stars are upset over the breakup. Reportedly Jordan was spotted in Hollywood with another woman.

    “They are saying y’all, it is alleged that Michael was spotted in Hollywood with the white woman described as a Kardashian-looking girl,” said Gary.

    Gary said Harvey and Jordan were one of the hottest black couples in the world. They were young, rich, and beautiful.

    Jordan had been known to date women of a different race; Gary added.

    “Before Lori started dating Michael, you know, Michael did have a reputation, and I did recall reporting the story that he preferred to date different type of women, in particular non-black women,” said Gary.

    Da Brat said that there must be more to the story; if there was a past relationship with the woman Jordan was seen with, the rapper said she could understand why Harvey would be upset.

    “That can’t be it. Just because he was seen in a picture with somebody, there’s got to be more to it,” said Da Brat.

    The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discussed the reason why the power couple split. Gary said it was rumored that Jordan wanted marriage and Harvey did not. Although others disagreed.

    “They are saying she wanted hot girl summer, and he wanted to get married,” said Gary.


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