Candace Owens Says Mental Illness Needs to Stop Being Glorified (VIDEO)


    When an elementary school shooting happens, the reaction as an expectant mother “hits you differently,” said Candace Owens. One of the emotions she felt has been anger toward the people who say they do not understand how a mass shooting could happen.

    “I don't understand how these people don't understand how we get to this point in society,” said Owens.

    Every step of mental illness has been normalized. Because of this, the red line of what is acceptable has been blurred. One example is the gender debate which encourages young people to change their bodies dramatically.

    “Like when we talk about the gender debate and you have these young children that are being encouraged to mutilate their own bodies, to go on puberty blockers to go get surgery,” said Owens.

    The problem with glorifying mental illness is also prevalent with celebrities, said Owens. Plastic surgery is one example of those in the spotlight suffering from a psychological disorder.

    “Look at the before and after pictures of these celebrities,” said Owens. “They look nothing like what they looked like. They literally go in and say I want a different face because they're mentally ill,” said Owens.

    There is the hypocrisy of what is acceptable and what is not. The school shooting is considered unacceptable; however, Black people rioting was overlooked, argued Owens.

    “Is this because this is a particularly violent crime, well, you didn't have that issue when we had Black Lives Matter riots; you stay quiet because that was different, Candace. It was totally fine to burn down cities because like racism’s different,” said Owens.

    The problem in America is that there is a deficit of courage. People are afraid to speak out.

    “Maybe it's because we avoid saying that these are obvious clues that this person is mentally ill,” said Owens.

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