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The Steve Harvey Morning Show Talked to Comedian Earthquake About His New Movie, Tour, and More (VIDEO)

Steve Harvey talked to comedian Earthquake about his new movie, tour, and more. Harvey interviewed the legendary comedian and said the comedy icon is finally getting his chance to shine after being looked over and passed by repeatedly.

“I ain’t never seen nothing like it, man; you went from obscurity to just every damn where,” said Harvey.

Earthquake has a new Netflix special, a Netflix movie, and a big tour that he is working on right now. Harvey talked about the new benefit show that the comedy star has with DL Hughley, and other comedians, for the victims of the Buffalo mass shooting. The show takes place on June 28, said Harvey.

“DL called me and said Quake, I want to do this, and of course, I said put me down… all the proceeds are going to the family affected by that tragedy… and bring a little laughter to Buffalo,” said Earthquake.

Earthquake said things have been going well for him; he has recently finished working on a film with Jerry Seinfeld called “Unfrozen.”

“He said he loved my special… and he said I want to put you in a movie, and he put me in it,” said Earthquake.

The co-host Tommy was surprised that Earthquake was invited to the home of a Netflix executive. The actor said the house was beautiful and was something he wanted for himself.

After 30 years of working in the business, the comedian said he finally has his tour called “The Legendary Tour,” which features the stand-up as the headliner.

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