The Wrath of Sonja Norwood (Brandy and Ray J’s Mom)


Let me start this off by saying I know Sonja reads the blog and we have emailed each other a few times but how in the hell does Sonja get away with some of the sh… that she does (laugh). I think she was proper here, it was very disrespectful for Ray J’s boys to send a stripper up to the office but DAMN Sonya checked the one kid in the WORST way? Her line telling the kid he was nothing was WRONG and she was out of place for that but why are people so damn scared of her? (including men). I have always gotten people like Sonja. Dr. Daddio at KDKO in Denver was seen in the same light but we got along great. As a matter of fact the FIRST thing I thought of when I saw this clip was KDKO in Denver and how it was run back then (sans the stripper). A black family run business is a GREAT cand idate for a VERY entertaining reality show.



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