The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses Elon Musk’s 76-Year-Old Father Wanting More Children (VIDEO)


    The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed Elon Musk’s 76-year-old dad wanting more children. Elon Musk’s 76-year-old dad Errol Musk revealed that he is looking forward to having more children. This comes after he just welcomed his second child with his former stepdaughter Jana Bezuidenhout. Shirley Strawberry said she did not stutter; the elderly dad had a relationship with his former stepdaughter.

    The stepdaughter is now grown, and they share two children. Errol is claiming that his sperm is highly sought after in Columbia. He said a South American company wants to donate his sperm to high-class women, said Strawberry.

    The women originally wanted to get pregnant by Elon but realized they could have his father’s sperm instead, and that prompted them to change their minds. Strawberry said who wants a 76-year-old man’s sperm. She also asked if Errol was a billionaire like his son. Steve Harvey said the dad is not a billionaire but a millionaire.

    “There is a strong possibility that your baby could come out looking like Benjamin Butts… this baby is so damn old,” said Harvey.

    Strawberry said there are all kinds of things wrong with that story.

    Errol “needs a Disney a** whooping,” said the morning show host. The rest of the cast agreed.

    “I think that’s the tone of the day,” Strawberry said.


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