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The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses Why an ‘Ignorant’ Couple Should Not Home-School Their Children (VIDEO)

The Steve Harvey Morning Show discusses why an “ignorant” couple should not home-school their children. A woman wrote in and said that 13 years ago, she became friends with a newly married young couple at church. The couple has two children and are God-fearing people with good hearts. The only problem is they are not book smart, and the wife lacks common sense.

The couple has speaking difficulties, and their subject-verb agreement is always off. They also have lousy spelling. The woman went on to say, when she met the couple, her first impression was that they had learning disabilities when they were younger, and that is how they met. She later realized that was not true about the couple.

The couple plans to home school their 8-year-old child, although the husband never finished high school and the wife just received her GED. The couple made the announcement to the church group, and some members were concerned.

“We left the church meeting, and before I could get in my house good, I had three messages from people in our group telling me I had to stop them or their child would be ruined for life,” read Shirley Strawberry.

Since the author of the letter was the closest person to the couple, it was suggested that she should be the one that told them not to homeschool their child.

Strawberry said telling someone how to raise their child is not a good idea; instead, try suggesting ways to help them make a better decision. She added that the concerned friend should not overstep her boundaries and tell people how to raise their children.

Steve Harvey says that he disagrees with Strawberry. He said someone must intervene and save the youngsters. “You’ve got to save these kids. This is not no time to be Christian,” he added.

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1 comment

Disappointed @ Steve July 7, 2022 at 6:05 pm

Once upon a time I’m sure there were A LOT of people who thought I shouldn’t homeschool my children because of my learning disability. My husband and I graduated HS, but I am dyslexic. Our 2 children are dyslexic. I worked hard to learn the simplest lessons at school and I knew my children would too. After homeschooling both our children, I went back to college at the age of 40 and earned my BA degree. I stayed on the President’s list every semester. I am now a certified teacher who teaches art in a public school helping struggling students. Homeschool worked well for my children being dyslexic because it was one-on-one instruction with Orton Gillingham techniques. I understood their learning disability better than anyone and how to help them learn. I don’t know the couple, or if they’re “too ignorant,” but this accusation seems beyond hurtful. Homeschooling isn’t for everyone, but they can get a ton of outside support. Sounds to me the public school system let them down. Maybe try supporting them!


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