The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Discusses Gun Control in America: Is it a Gun Problem or a People Problem? (VIDEO)


    The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discussed gun control in America. Americans seriously need to get gun control under control said, Rickey Smiley. Recently three people were killed and two injured after an adult male opened fire in the food court of an Indianapolis mall. He was stopped by a 22-year-old legally armed man.

    A new report on the elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, highlights the many failures by law enforcement officers and others. The 82-minute video shows that police took more than an hour to barge into the classroom and kill the gunmen.

    Some think that arming teachers is the answer; others, like comedian Rita Brent, believe that it is a problem.

    “What is the magic number before we say, you know what, we got a problem with guns in America. We need to do something about it. Oh, the teachers need guns. Teachers not thinking about shooting back. When it’s a damn school shooting, they trying to protect themselves they’re trying to protect their students. What damn librarian you know got perfect aim? The answer is not more guns. Children are getting killed. Innocent people are getting killed. People are killing themselves, and the common denominator is guns. Come on, a mental health test, background check. I see the statuses; we need you, God, we need you, Lord. Well, the Lord ain’t pulling the trigger. It’s ignorant a** humans down here on earth that’s pulling the triggers and killing folks. God ain’t doing it, Jesus ain’t doing it. The American government is enabling violence in our country. Thoughts and prayers ain’t gonna bring these babies back. Americans do not deserve the right to bear arms,” said Brent.

    Smiley said comedian friend, Craig Robinson from the Pizza Hut commercial, had to evacuate a comedy club in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he was set to perform on Saturday night. There was an active shooter inside the club, and thankfully there were no injuries. The suspect was taken into custody.

    R.I.P Rhema Harris, of Memphis, Tennessee, said Smiley. She went to Indiana to visit a friend and was killed when someone began shooting. She worked as a correction officer and was on her way to becoming a police officer. Inmates gave their condolences, saying she was kind and loving.

    Smiley wanted to know if Americans deserve the right to bear arms. What needs to be done to fix the gun problem, or is it a people problem? He asked.

    Da Brat said people need the right to own guns to protect themselves, but with possessing a firearm comes the responsibility of training and having proper licenses. The morning show agreed that there need to be more regulations on guns and that attaining a firearm should not be easy.

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