The Steve Harvey Morning Show Gives Advice for Taking a Vacation on a Budget (VIDEO)


The Steve Harvey Morning Show gave advice for taking a vacation on a budget. Americans may not take all their vacation days; however, that does not mean they are not thinking about it. New research reveals that Americans spend about 284 days of life dreaming about being on vacation. Americans spend more than 113 hours every year thinking about being on a beach somewhere.

Shirley Strawberry said stop posting vacation pics on social media because they make people jealous and bring out the hate. The study found that people see vacation pictures daily on social media, which makes them angry. Steve Harvey said those people are haters.

That’s probably why 36% of Americans admit they put those pictures on social media to show people how great their lives are, said Strawberry.

Strawberry said Harvey and his wife take wonderful vacations and spend a lot of money when they do, but her question was, how is it possible to vacation on a budget?

“If you tell me what it is, there are things I can recommend,” said Harvey.

The morning show came up with a fictional budget of $2000 for a family of four. On that budget, Harvey said driving would be the best mode of transportation possible. He said gas is a top priority, and no more than one tank coming, and one tank going, should be used for gas.

If the vacationers are staying overnight, they must find economically feasible accommodations for lodging.

“I would recommend Comfort Inn because they have the free breakfast see that saves money,” said Harvey.

To save on the cost of food, the morning show recommended bringing a cooler full of sandwiches. Harvey recommended a vacation destination such as Six Flags, the zoo, or a State Park to stay on budget.

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