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Lil’ Wayne Near Death?

UPDATE: TMZ has a very bad source. [...]

Rapper Rick Ross Hires 24 Hour Armed Security Staff

Digital and Radio Facts: Radio Facts: In the wake of surviving a drive-by shooting in which he was the target this [...]

Former Wild 94.1 DJ Trauma Dies Suddenly

Digital and Radio Facts:  Former Wild 94.1 DJ Trauma Dies SuddenlyAn autopsy is planned for a former Tampa, FL mix dj [...]

Download: “Eternity” by Lionel Richie featuring President Barack Obama

Digital and Radio Facts: "Eternity"Lionel Richie                   Eternity by Lionel Richie, featuring the voice of President Barack Obama, was originally produced by [...]

NIELSEN: 77% of American Adults Listen to Radio Daily

Digital and Radio Facts: Nielsen, which analyzed behavioral data collected by the Council for Research Excellence in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia [...]

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