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24/7: In 24 Years the Seven Truths I Now Know About The Music Industry

radiofacts.comYeah, I'm Pretty Sure These Things Are True...

Radio Facts has been in business for 24 years. In that time, as the CEO, I've had a LOT of ups and downs. There were times I wanted to walk away, times I've loved it, times I've been frustrated and times I wanted to give up on the industry. But something always kept luring me back. Where am I now? In a GREAT place, Radio Facts is at its peak and I'm focusing more on industry business instead of just an industry site because we NEED more black businesses in the industry.

As the industry is headed in a more entrepreneurial and online event production status, it would behoove current industry pros to educate ourselves on everything from SEO standards to affiliate marketing and blogging to increase side gig revenue for the future. I cannot say it enough, radio is a springboard NOT a reclyner. Radio is to be used to ADVANCE our careers not stagnate.

If I was a statistician and I was concentrating on the industry specifically, there are at least seven things I am confident I know for sure about our industry after 24 years from a national perspective. Ready? Here we go. Click "Next" below for the next segment.

radiofacts.comBlack People DO look out for other Black People

I can honestly say, had it not been for black people I would not have succeeded with my own business in the industry. This does not mean that ALL black people have supported me. There have been some (especially men for some reason) who don't support any of the black trades but both men and women from all races have looked out for me which is what I focus on. I can honestly tell you that, for the most part, black people DO lookout for other blacks and want to see us succeed.

radiofacts.comRacism DOES exist in our Industry

I went to a conference once and went to an event on a hotel roof in downtown LA to meet the president of a big company. I was shocked to see that I was literally the ONLY black person in the entire room of 400 people. In all fairness, there were at least 8 other blacks in the room but they were walking around with trays of hors d'oeuvres and giving me that look like 'help us get the hell out of here, you must be somebody important.' I literally felt like I was in a scene from a slave movie. It was disgusting and this company which is a HUGE company in the industry consistently gets LOW marks for diversity but they make a TON of money from Black product. A few years ago I would have revealed who it is but I won't do it here.

Another example, I called a record label and spoke to the white head of the label who told me ... and I quote "I can't believe you actually have the nerve to call me." I was shocked but not surprised. This is a label that makes a TON of money of rap product.

There are people on the radio side who play a TON of black music and have a ton of black concerts and events who want NOTHING to do with black people in the industry no matter how many pictures they take cheesing it up with black rappers. This does not apply to all of them but way too many to count.

Racism is always ridiculous but when it's evident that the perpetrators are only here to make money off the black talent there is not much that can be done especially when the black artists don't speak up. They are the ones with the true power to change the situation.


Urban Radio Talent Do Not Promote Gigs and Good Quality Content Creation Enough

A MAJORITY of the press releases we get for Radio Facts for as long as I can remember are promoting gigs for everybody BUT black people especially black men. Black talent, especially at radio, RARELY are promoted and don't promote themselves to the trades. Promoting yourself on social media is OK when it's good quality content creation or great segments that happen in the radio studio but when it comes from a national 3rd party to THE INDUSTRY it has added benefits for the future of the talent. I've heard some people say, 'we're rarely promoted, so there is no news.'  That, unfortunately, is true. The ladder for black talent in the industry is often missing many rungs but I also know many black radio people also fear self-promotion for corporate disciplinary action.

Please tell me what radio corporation has a policy against promoting yourself and I will call them myself and ask them what the problem is. That makes NO sense to me but I've heard it time and again. For those who don't promote themselves, I URGE you to look at the last segment.


We Rely TOO Heavily on Others to Measure our Efficiency and Effectiveness

I have seen countless Black people ESPECIALLY on the radio side sit too comfortably for TOO long waiting for others to approve of or measure our efficiency and effectiveness not considering that there are radio people in management positions who are lagging when it comes to social media and music trends. When I hire people to work for me. I look for people who are smarter than me. Only a damn fool keeps hiring people they can direct, especially in today's industry.

When it comes to YOU, if there is no risk to find a way to build your brand, without interrupting your radio corporation's rules, there is no reward and when the company is done with you, it can lead to disaster depending on your age no matter WHAT your age. Be creative in your venture to build your brand and fill the current industry holes that are missing and on the radio side... there is a LOT. I have seen SO many black radio people keep getting the exact same positions after being laid off over and over for YEARS. At what point do we aim higher? If you are comfortable, it's not the time to rest, it's the time to WORK.


Black Women are More Compassionate and Participatory with Black Causes

I've heard black industry women talk about each other, mostly in positive ways. From this perspective, I see a LOT of support from black women for other black industry women and black industry business.

MOST of the complaints about nepotism often apply more to black men in power positions in the industry whereas black women tend to be more likely to give someone new a chance that she doesn't know that well but who is making a worthwhile contribution. When we do the Women of Color in Media magazine, we do run into a bit of animosity from some women who think they should be honored OVER other women but that's with ANY situation where people are being honored. Black women who are in competing positions with honorees still call and ask for copies of the magazine.


We Are Often Apprehensive About Stepping Outside the "Black Box"

Look at the greatest success stories in the Black industry and you will see that people like Cathy Hughes, Charlamagne, Tom Joyner , Wendy Williams and others stepped outside the box and created their own paths to success by daring to be different and using all of their options. Black culture is not only prominent and valuable it is OURS. The industry KNOWS how valuable black culture is but the question is do WE? I have seen SO many examples of us giving away our talent and culture to other races then complaining about them stealing it. We are without question the ONLY race that allows every other race to borrow, use and profit from our culture with little response.


Comfortability, Retirement, Misplacement, Layoffs or Ageing Out Often Means Death

This is the MOST important thing Radio Facts has taught me. Over the years I have written many death notices with headlines that say "Vet Dies" in your emails. I can honestly tell you, at one time it started to take a toll on me and sent me spiraling into a dark funk. Mostly because a LOT of it was preventable. Yes, you read that right, PREVENTABLE. A majority of the people who get sick and die almost always have the same set of circumstances, they are not working and can't get back in the industry. They really die of broken hearts that morph into ailments and diseases. They get frustrated then depressed then ill and then they die.

Out of 100% of the deaths I've written about over the years at least 90% of the cases are what I described above. No joke when I say this... KEEP WORKING, PLAN FOR LIFE AFTER THE INDUSTRY AND PURSUE YOUR  OTHER PASSIONS... NOW!!! When you get up each day without goals, drive, passion or purpose you develop the soul of an invalid and it's hard to bounce back. Quite often this comes from a lack of preparation while we are working or failing to plan for the future and the refusal to accept a consistently changing industry. It will not change back to the industry that you once knew in your lifetime, accept the changes and be willing to go with them.

24/7: In 24 Years the Seven Truths I Now Know About The Music Industry

Radio Facts has been in business for 24 years. In that time, as the CEO, I've had a LOT of ups and downs. There were times I wanted to walk away, times I've loved it, times I've been frustrated and times I wanted to give up on the industry. But something always kept luring me back. Where am I now? In a GREAT place, Radio Facts is at its peak and

24/7: In 24 Years the Seven Truths I Now Know About The Music Industry

Radio Facts has been in business for 24 years. In that time, as the CEO, I've had a LOT of ups and downs. There were times I wanted to walk away, times I've loved it, times I've been frustrated and times I wanted to give up on the industry. But something always kept luring me back. Where am I now? In a GREAT place, Radio Facts is at its peak and

Tom Joyner Gives Exclusive Interview to Radio Facts about ending the Tom Joyner Morning...

tom joyner morning showTOM JOYNER We don’t save, and that is why we had a weekly feature for the past 25 years just dealing with money, because that is one of the things black people need to be concerned about; our money, our health, our education, everything that we have done on the air, our family, we addressed everything that affects the African American community.[/penci_blockquote]A legend has spoken and we have all listened, and the truth is we have been listening intently for the last 25 years to a true icon. He’s one of the greatest radio personalities of all time. The Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) wraps on December 31, 2019, and radio history has been made.Tom Joyner has not only established himself as one of the most prestigious and recognizable figures in radio, but his legacy transcends the airwaves as a powerful HBCU Foundation advocate and supporter as well as a black community supporter. He used the airwaves to lift the community in a way that has rarely been done.  He went beyond entertainment and focused on educating the community.Tom Joyner has not only been the host to a nationally syndicated show but he’s a savvy entrepreneur. Over the years, Radio Facts has had a lot of fun with Tom, I will admit sometimes I took a bit too far and so I made it a point to attend the last cruise and to personally apologize for anything offensive I’ve written about him over the years. He told me “I have no idea what you are talking about” with a smile. I’m sure that was his way of saying all is forgotten.This is one of the best interviews I’ve ever done with Tom he was very forthcoming and honest about a lot of things I didn’t know that we get to share with you. EnjoyRADIO FACTS: Hello, Tom. How are you?TOM JOYNER: I’m good, you okay?Everything's great. I know you just got through with your show, so I am going to try not to hold you for too long. No, no, no. I am good. I am through with everything with the show. This is the first day to start a vacation, so, yeah, everything is good with me.Does it feel like you're winding down or winding up?No, no, no, no, no. I’m in the final rehearsal, I have been practicing every weekend retiring.But I'm saying after you retire does it feel like you are winding down or winding up?No, I’m winding down definitely.So, are you going to chill after retirement? Or are you going to work on some other projects?No, my thing is going to be the foundation, the foundation only. That is what I am going to be doing. I am going to be trying to sell out this cruise and trying to get all this money that we collect from the cruise in the hands of students at HBCUs with the challenge that these students that I give out scholarships to between now and November will register people to vote.I was going to ask you – and I'm just curious about this – why didn’t you decide to change – I don't know if it was all your decision –  just decide to change the name of the show to the Rickey Smiley Show instead of keeping the brand alive, like calling it “The Tom Joyner Show starring Rickey Smiley,” or something like that?Because Rickey Smiley is a brand unto himself and is part of a rich family of Reach Media brands.So, will you be doing any kind of radio podcasts or will you make appearances?I will make appearances on all the brands to talk about what we are doing with the foundation and promoting these students who get scholarships.Let's talk about the foundation for a minute. I understand that you've done some features on ESPN?Yes. I have not seen them yet. I saw one was our first full-ride scholar, but I have not seen them yet.Tell me about that one you saw?It featured our first full-ride scholar who is now a successful lawyer who, even though she gets big cases and stuff, she does a lot of community work. Her name is Brittany Wilson; we gave her a full ride to Howard.How does that feel? I mean to see, I don't know how many people you've seen reach that level of success, but how do you feel when you see that happen?Oh, man, I feel great, man. It is the best. I don’t cry, but if I did I might tear up before some of these hugs from people who have gotten these scholarships. And Brittany is an exceptional case.Of all the work that you've done over the years in radio…and the foundation, what is the most rewarding?That’s a tough question. When it comes to the foundation, the most rewarding is the cruise because…we get probably 95% of the money that we donate…off the cruise. This is cruise number twenty-one coming up and it's not going to stop until the end.How do you plan on promoting the cruise from this point?We are still promoted on all the brands.You're based in Dallas and Florida, correct?I am now based in Miami; I’ve moved.So, let me ask you, why did you decide to retire? What brought you to that decision? Do you just think that you've done it long enough? Or what were your main reasons?It was money. Every contract was cut in half, cut in half, cut in half to the point that I said, “Okay, I can’t go any lower, so I’ll just quit here and live my life.”Would you think that was attributed to growing networks [podcasting, online] for ad spending?The industry is not what it used to be – oh Lord - it’s not. I was making a lot of money and now not as much. So, it kept getting lower and lower. There wasn’t any interest after the last contract; there wasn’t any interest that would make sense.So, moneywise it just made sense to leave. To get up at 3’oclock in the morning, if it is worth my while, I will do it. So that is why I decided it was time.Were you still having fun?Oh yeah, the most fun in the world ever is when I’m on-air. And then living my best life…because of the fun I have. I have been able to serve AND save and so I can live this lifestyle for the next 30 years. I have got it all planned out.So, let me ask you, through the years you've had some changes on the show. What are some of your fondest memories and some of the memories that you wished would have gone another way?(pauses) Well, we had the chance on a deal a long time ago before Steve went to Premier to host his show, but we couldn’t work that deal out. I wish that we could have and that was many, many years ago. It goes back to when it first went to Premiere. We had the chance to add Steve to the Reach roster. Wow, wouldn’t that have been something?How did you feel about J. Anthony Brown's departure?That I didn’t feel well about, but we worked it out now so starting yesterday I started playing “Best Of” with J. included. It is amazing the stuff that we did and now listening back to it, actually, I am listening to it for the very first time.We would do stuff that was so funny, so phenomenal every quarter-hour. I never repeated stuff. Like everybody repeats a good bit now and then. I never repeated a bit. I never heard it until now. This is the best; I love it.I was told the same thing about old posts on the site and I’m finding that out. Using old bits can be gold. You have the same audience and a new audience for it so there is still interest. Have you considered doing the Best of Tom Joyner ?I have been doing that for the last year. The problem was we didn’t get permission to play J. because he is over there with Steve, and so we just got permission. So all of the bits that we did, we had to surgically cut out J.’s voice, J.’s laugh, J.’s jokes – anything that had Jay’s voice on it we could not play it and still do our show. So, there are all these bits that…I just got permission to play.When you are doing it, you are in the moment, and I never listen back because I have got another quarter-hour that I have to do something. So, I never listen to all this stuff and it is fresh to me. I love it.So, you are saying that even though J. was on your show first, you still had to get permission from Premiere in order to play the stuff that he did even before he went there?Yeah.How did you feel about the Tavis Smiley situation?I didn’t like that. I hated that we did a lot of good things together and when he left it was weird. It was weird when he left; I did not understand why he left. I know that he and Cornel did not like Obama ‘til Obama was out of office after the eight years, and now that Trump is in office about to be impeached, we never heard a word about Tavis criticizing the Trump administration and it is really weird.We did, I don’t know how many years. I think he said that we put together like seven years or something like that, and I remember him saying when we departed, he said: “I've never been with anything or anybody for seven years and you're the first.”He's right. I actually worked with him before you did. We worked together at The Beat in LA when it was a legendary station in the early 90s and they made a decision to get rid of – anybody who was black, who knew black culture, and bring in people who could emulate the culture instead. That was a really interesting and very weird situation.I didn’t know Travis then. I knew nothing about Travis until he approached me about doing a segment and I said, “that is a good idea,” and the rest is history, great history.Let me ask you this – when he was on the show and you guys were doing the whole campaign against CompUSA, is there anything that you could tell us that was going on that we didn't know about on the air?I put everything on the air even to the threat of ABC to put me off air. There was nothing behind the scenes. Everything we did we put it on the radio.Was there a time that you thought that maybe that wasn't a good idea?We came on air after that night, after the night that they told me not to do it. I got a call that night that said drop this thing. I said, “no, I’m not doing it.” And I came on the air and I said, “testing, testing, am I on the air? Hello? Anybody out there?” (laughs) And we went on with the show and talked about it.Do you think that that whole situation was part of their demise?CompUSA’s?Yes.I don’t think it helped. I think for CompUSA their time was coming anyway; their expiration date had pretty much come up, I think. Look around, not only do you not see a CompUSA, you don’t see anybody.I know like Circuit City and I really don’t know how Best Buy survived.They kind of came first. It was a bad time; it was a bad time for them.Out of all the shows that you've done, what is the one show, or maybe one or two shows, where you had guests that you said, “I'll never have them on again”? I’ll tell you who it is; he just died. John Witherspoon.Oh wow, really?He cursed so much that the machine we use to edit couldn’t work and a lot of what he said went over the air. But he kept cursing. John was a pro; he had never done this before and we had him hundreds of times, but this time was different.  We decided to put a stage in the studio with the lights like at the Improv or something and set it up like a club.We turned the lights down in the studio and put the spotlight on. It looked just like a club and it obviously felt just like a club. So this little stage - he wasn't feeling well, first of all, he was sick but he's a trooper so he just dug down to what he knew best to do – and he did a routine where he cursed and cursed.We couldn’t get it all out so we had to say we would never have him on again. We never had FCC complaints about it.I know that in doing Radio Facts for 25 years, I know a lot about the industry. You become somewhat of a statistician; you learn some really general things about the community. What do you know for sure about black people at this point that you may not have known before, good and bad?Serving the community is important. That's something I didn't know. And I learned that from the late John H. Johnson (owner of EBONY magazine) in the five years that I worked there, he told me that in our business what you can do, what you [are] going to do to be successful is you have to…just simply serve our community.And so I didn't know the effect that advertisers had on our listeners and viewers because I learned that and – take the cruise for instance. Black people weren’t cruising and we said to the cruise lines, “they'll cruise with you if you just ask them.”If you ask us, we'll do it. And so we started that. Not everybody has a black division.  Carnival goes right after us and so does everybody else. We did that and I’m most proud of that. We showed that if you ask us, we will be loyal to you, and black folks are cruising now.What about things like our financial habits, our psychology, the way we deal with racism, are there some… – I'm asking are there some things that maybe you did you weren't so sure of before that you see a pattern now? Like, for example, how do you think we are with our money as a race in general? We don’t save, and that is why we had a weekly feature for the past 25 years just dealing with money, because that is one of the things black people need to be concerned about; our money, our health, our education, everything that we have done on the air, our family, we addressed everything that affects the African American community.Money is no different. We had  Mellody Hobson every Monday for the past, I don’t know how many years, saying, “save, budget, don't overspend for Christmas, put something away for your kids’ education, get a 401k retirement plan and don’t dip into it no matter what.”And that is the message that we have done over the past 25 years, but you know what? We did not start that. When I first got into radio, black radio was doing that then. I mean all the way back to like 1969.So for many years you were doing “The Fly Radio DJ” and you had worked for other stations, but eventually, you became an entrepreneur.  What was the best thing about being an entrepreneur; what was the upside and the downside?It has been all up. I’m living a great life.Let me ask you this, what would say the key is to be a successful black male entrepreneur?Surround yourself with people who know how to do things that you can’t and who make you look your best. I know a little bit about a lot of things, but I am only good at being on the air. For those things that you need in order to be an entrepreneur, the key is just surrounding yourself with people who can do the things you can’t.And I have been lucky for these many years…to be around some people who really make me look good.I have noticed it.And it is so good. There's really no downside to it because I take all the credit and I have not been blamed for anything and that is because the people that surrounded me have made me look great.Has it always been that way?It pretty much has. I can comfortably say back to when I was with John Johnson at EBONY, if you didn't know me, you would've thought that I was the biggest black DJ in the world because my picture was always in Jet Magazine’s photos of the week almost every week and that was because I convinced him – he didn't want to pay for billboards and commercials. I said you don't have to, you got Jet Magazine…going directly to the south side and west side of Chicago.And so he would run ads in there for WJPC and the numbers went up. At our height  - we were number three in the city and we were a day-timer, all because he kept running these ads and Jet Magazine went everywhere.So, if you looked in Jet Magazine you saw this guy, Tom Joyner , you see he must be the biggest disc Radio DJey in the world when I was just a local DJ.I actually remember when I was in high school seeing you in Jet Magazine when I was in Buffalo.Yes, you didn’t know who I was but could say, “damn he must be big.”What are the most common mistakes you’ve seen other entrepreneurs make?Not having a plan, no real plan. After they fail, they cannot seem to get back up. I have been fortunate to – for everything that I have failed in, I have been able to learn from that and move on. Most people don’t have that luxury. I have always had something to fall back on. Entrepreneurship is not a science, it is an art... You roll the dice and you look at the odds you go for it.And if it was a science, everybody would be doing it and be successful at it. I have been very fortunate in surrounding myself with people who know what they doing, and I didn’t have any trust issues because they were already doing it.I know you won't miss getting up at 3:00 in the morning but what will you miss most about the show?Just going on the air. I have the most fun the four hours that I am on air. It is like when you hear ball players say that they're going through a lot of stress and stuff – people may die, a business may go bad – but when they get on the field or they get on the court,… or performers once they get on stage, everything goes out the window and all they think about is the fun that they're having. That's me.My four hours on the air is the best. I'm not going to lie, I will miss that fun. I laugh every 15 minutes; it is a lot of fun.What do you think of Charlamagne?He is good. Why are you asking?Just curious. What about a Headkrack?He is on the Reach, so yeah.So any parting words?It has been a fantastic ride. It is 25 years of the syndication show, but I think I got into radio in ‘69 and all I have ever done is radio. This is really like 50 years.I'm not getting up ‘til noon. I am going to do some foundational work try to sell some cabins, give some money to students at HBCUs. And I am going to work out and have a real good time doing something or nothing.I am on this beach, my house is complete. I won't be going to bed ‘til like 3 o'clock in the morning.Okay, well Tom, I definitely will still stay in touch and check-in with you every now and then. I greatly appreciate your legacy and your contribution to the industry and you're making history.Thank you, man.

Sybil Wilkes Out at Reach Media

radio facts,radio djs,urban adult,Urban Radio,
urban radio personalities, rap radio stations,r&b radio station, hip hop music radio, black female singersUnfortunately, Radio One and Reach Media had to layoff several employees yesterday due to the coronavirus situation. We have learned that Sybil Wilkes was one of the people laid off. As you remember she worked with Tom Joyner for many years before he retired in December 2019. Sources state that Radio One revenues have been down as much as 70% over the last several weeks. Of the many employees laid off, most of them were from the sales and promotions department but they were also several DJs laid off as well. See our previous announcement from June 28, 2019 about Sybil's appointment below.Per the announcement that Tom Joyner is retiring at the end of the year and Rickey Smiley is replacing him, we have been informed that other members of Tom Joyner 's show Sybil Wilkes, Huggy Lowdown and Chris Paul with remain with Reach Media in a new capacity. Does that mean a new show for the three? We're not sure but that is most likely. We will keep you posted.

100.3 RNB Welcomes Rickey Smiley Morning Show

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Debuts on Monday February 17, 2020

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show is set to debut on Radio One Philadelphia’s 100.3 RNB on Monday, February 17, 2020. The show will air weekdays from 6:00am-9:00am EST and feature the renowned radio personality, comedian and actor and his morning show team- Da Brat, Gary Wit Da Tea, Eva Marcille, Rock T, and Special K.

rickey smiley

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show is a quick-paced show that perfectly blends music, Smiley’s unique brand of comedy and spiritual entertainment with today’s hottest topics in news, entertainment and sports. Smiley, a nationally renowned, award winning host, was recognized by the National Association of Broadcasters in 2017 as recipient of one of the top radio broadcasting awards, the Marconi award for “Top National/Syndicated Talent.” 

“I’m excited to have this extremely funny and gifted talent in Philly” said Jay Dixon, Program Director of Radio One Philadelphia’s 100.3 RNB. “I know Rickey and his crew will bring the kind of morning show that’ll get this city going.”

Smiley is the successor for the Fly Jock, Tom Joyner, host of the Tom Joyner Morning Show who retired in 2019.  His commitment to historically black colleges and universities and family and parent initiatives are a noted part of his brand and an evident part of his program.

Radio One Philadelphia Station Manager, Ezio Torres “I’m excited to have the Ricky Smiley Morning Show join 100.3 RNB as he and his crew are the future and direction of our format and the perfect way for our listeners to start their day”

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show debuted as a nationally syndicated Urban AC morning show in January 2020. It is a product of Reach Media, Inc., a subsidiary of Urban One.

Urban One Class Action Suit Claims Unpaid Overtime and Sexual Harassment

Urban One was recently hit with a class-action suit from two women, Desiree Lucas and Dominique Hinton, both claiming unpaid overtime and sexual harassment.

Former VP of Programming Dave "Hurricane Dave" Smith is not a defendant in the case but he is named in the lawsuit for sexual harassment. Smith was terminated this past August when another female employee Shorty Mack stated he sexually harassed and assaulted her. Smith has since filed a countersuit against her for defamation.

In the new class-action suit, the women state they were paid less than $13.00 an hour with one of them stating the rate had not changed in eight years. Both believe male employees who did similar jobs were/are paid more than they were/are. Hinton was terminated from the station while Lucas is still an employee.

For the Hurricane Dave portion of the suit, sexual advances were allegedly made to Hinton with statements like:

  • “What’s your favorite sex position?”
  • “I think about you. Do you think about me?”
  • “I think about you when I’m having sex with my wife.”

Both women stated Hurricane allegedly used the same line to them “If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.”

The women state that when they refused the sexual advances they believe their hours were shortened by Smith and while an investigation ensued Smith went on the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage Cruise. They feel they were punished for taking the complaints to management. Read more about the suit from Rodney Ho of the AJC

Rickey Smiley Announces HIS Cruise


Taking the party from the airwaves to the ocean waves.

Oooooooookay, we are not trying to SNS but ... Rickey Smiley is doing a cruise ... TOO. Well since Reach Media is majority owned by Radio One, it actually makes sense since he's taken over for Tom Joyner.

Everything you love about the Rickey Smiley Morning Show and the Russ Parr Morning Show – the laughs, the entertainment, the personalities, the music – will be live and on ten during a week-long celebration at sea…for adults only!


Rickey Smiley
  • 7 days: Sunday, October 11th – Sunday, October 18th
  • Departing from the Port of Baltimore…cruising to Bermuda (pink sand beaches!) and the Caribbean

Interaction with our performers doesn’t stop at the stage. Our entertainers will also share in panels, seminars and other activities with you!

Concerts, theme nights, comedy, morning inspiration, pool parties, old school games, casino tournaments, fitness, autograph signings, late night parties and more!

  • “Rickey Smiley’s Comedy Bootcamp” – Bring your best tight set of 3 - 5 minutes and be critiqued by Rickey Smiley and fellow comedians for a chance to win cash and prizes.
  • “Rickey Smiley’s Karaoke” - Come join Rickey, his crew and whatever else he has up his sleeve as he brings Karaoke to a whole new level for your chance to win cash and prizes.
  • “Russ Parr’s Wrong Song Pool Party” – When the music is right, anything becomes a dance floor…even a pool! Join Russ Parr on the pool deck for a dance party featuring the most unexpected, multi-genre tunes to keep you moving – or splashing - on the dance floor. 
  • “Russ Parr’s T&A Giveaway” – It’s not what you think…it’s better. This is Russ Parr’s version of Name that Tune (Title and Artist). Guests will have a chance to win prizes with each round and to play double or nothing in the final rounds for a chance to add to their winnings.  
  • “Russ Parr’s Actor’s Workshop” – Participants in this workshop will learn tips and techniques from industry veterans and be able to compete for a chance to win a role in one of Russ Parr’s upcoming projects.
  • “The RP Big 3” – Russ Parr’s on board 3-on-3 basketball tournament for grown folks.  
  • For Cocktail Connoisseurs – liquor tastings, mixology contest and a whiskey masterclass
  • Old School Games with a New School Twist – from a live version of Clue The Murder Mystery where the whole ship is your game board…to Reverse Charades, where the team acts out the clues for one person

The Carnival Pride is a city-at-sea with amenities you’ll wish you had at home! 

  • A full-service spa 
  • Onboard water park 
  • A casino
  • Several clubs and lounges
  • A Serenity deck for when you need to decompress from all the partying
  • Multiple pools and hot tubs
  • Full-sized outdoor basketball court (We will be hoopin’!) 
  • Various bars, including a tequila bar and a rum bar
  • Unlimited food, including 24-hour room service and burgers that cruisers rave about!

Chubb Rock Replaces Tom Joyner at WUFO/Buffalo (pic)

Radio Facts: Chubb Rock and Carol Blackmon at the WUFO Buffalo launch party introducing The Chubb Rock Show as the replacement for...

BREAKING NEWS: J Anthony Brown Exits Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS)

Originally posted Jan 13, 2016. Remember when J. Anthony Brown quit the Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) on the air?

Sources have informed Radio Facts that comedian J Anthony Brown has exited his longstanding post with the Tom Joyner Morning show. Brown, according to sources is allegedly upset about the pay and another new syndicated host getting a larger salary from Reach Media....

Today J. Anthony Brown surprised Tom Joyner , Sybil Wilkes and the production staff of the Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) with the following:After the end of the first break, at 6:10am CT, the hour the following exchanged occurred -ON AIR - 6:10 am(Tom Joyner taking the show to break)Tom Joyner : Ten, ten past the hourOFF AIRTom Joyner : Player, you feel alright?J. Anthony Brown: Huh?Tom Joyner : You feel alright today?J. Anthony Brown: No, I don’t feel good. Uh, in fact I’m quitting. I’m quitting today. (laughter from Tom and Sybil) You guys can have it, man. I’ve had enough of this, seriously. Bye(more laughter from Tom and Sybil)Sybil Wilkes: (chucking) Bye? What’s the matter?Tom Joyner : I don’t know. Did he just cut the mic? Player?...Player?Off air Tom asked if J. Anthony Brown was alright. J. responded the he was not and that he was “quitting.” Both Tom and Sybil responded with laughter followed by J. Anthony Brown saying he was serious and no further response.After several tries to reconnect with Brown, Tom Joyner attempted to reach out to him in both a personal and professional way ending with all surprised that he had actually left the studio.J. Anthony Brown is currently under contract with Reach Media Inc. and the Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) . There is a plan to discuss today’s events with Brown.Tomorrow on The Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) the Party with a Purpose® continues with weekly co-host Sherri Shepherd, correspondent Don Lemon and guests Marlon Wayans, Affion Crocket, Charlie Murphy and Omari Hardwick; as well as TJMS co-host and daily regulars Sybil Wilkes, Huggy Lowdown and comedian Chris Paul.

Hear Audio of J Anthony Brown Quitting.

We will keep all updated as information is received.
rickey smiley morning show, rickey smiley



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 urban radio personalities, rap radio stations,r&b radio station, hip hop music radio


Cox Media Group (CMG) has announced that REACH Media, Inc’s nationally syndicated “Rickey Smiley Morning Show” will replace “The Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) ” when Tom Joyner retires at the end of 2019. The Rickey Smiley Morning Show will air weekdays from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. on all of CMG’s top rated Urban AC brands in Florida, including the Miami, Orlando and Jacksonville markets.“We are thrilled to continue our long-standing relationship with Reach Media to bring Rickey Smiley’s new show to listeners of CMG’s top rated Urban AC stations in Miami, Orlando, and Jacksonville markets,” said CMG Vice President of Content and Audience, Tim Clarke. “Rickey has been a fantastic partner to Cox Media Group for many years and we are so excited to see him begin this new chapter.”One of the fastest-growing radio programs in the country, the “Rickey Smiley Morning Show” is quick-paced and anchored by one of the nation’s most popular comedians. Easily entertaining a wide variety of listeners, the “can’t miss a minute” morning show perfectly blends music, exclusive comedy and spiritual entertainment with today’s hottest topics in news, entertainment, and sports. The “Rickey Smiley Morning Show” was recognized by the National Association of Broadcasters in 2017 as the recipient of the Marconi award for “Top National/Syndicated Talent.”“We are thrilled that Tom Joyner ’s legacy will be carried on by the multi-talented Rickey Smiley,” said REACH Media, Inc Vice President, Affiliate Relations Melody Talkington. “Over the past 16 years, I have had the privilege to watch this show develop into a Marconi Award winning morning show. What makes this extra exciting is the continuation of our long-standing partnership with the Cox Media Group.”

Just Announced: More Entertainers in Addition to Headliners for the 2020 Tom Joyner  Foundation Fantastic...

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urban radio personalities, rap radio stations,r&b radio station, hip hop music radio, black female singers 

Tom Joyner ’s Ultimate Party with a Purpose® supporting students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities sets sail from Ft. Lauderdale March 28 – April 5, 2020 with stops at St. Maarten, St. Kitts and San Juan, PR. 

Trailblazing radio host and philanthropist Tom Joyner  announced global entertainment icons as the first major talent for the highly anticipated 2020 Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage®Headliners including Usher, Jill Scott and more have been announced as headliners, and just added to the lineup are Maze featuring Frankie BeverlyChante MooreBrandy and more! Guests can look forward to surprise performances, nightly concerts and 2am shows…R&B, classic hip hop music, funk, comedy and the ultimate late-night experience – the Kings of Crunk featuring YoungBloodZThe Ying Yang TwinsBone CrusherTrillvilleThe East Side BoyzD4LDem Franchise BoyzDJ Unk and The Shop BoyzThe Fantastic Voyage sold out this year, and is now nearing capacity for its March 2020 sailing! https://fantasticvoyage.blackamericaweb.com/(See talent below - we request you use the graphic attached or below when you refer to the talent.)  Joyner continues as the captain of the Fantastic Voyage, which was created as a fundraiser to support students in school at Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Sybil Wilkes Talks to Radio Facts about New Job and Working with Tom Joyner


radio facts,radio djs,urban adult,Urban Radio,
urban radio personalities, rap radio stations,r&b radio station, hip hop music radio, black female singersSybil Wilkes Prepares for a New Radio Journey

Sybil Wilkes has inspired, informed and brought the laughter to the Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) for 25 years.  Tom is hanging up the microphone at the end of the year but Sybil will keep bringing that Black Girl Magic to a new show and is just getting started. She chopped it up with Radio Facts’ TV and radio personality Jazmyn Summers (This podcast interview has been edited for this post)JASMYN SUMMERS: Tell us about your new project "Sybil Wilkes What You Need To Know?"SYBIL WILKES: Oh, my goodness. I am just so blessed and excited to be doing this. I'm lucky to be working with my best friend again. She and I met when Tom brought us all together to do the Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) more than 25 years ago. Yolanda Starks White. We became best friends. She's coming back out of her so-called retirement in another business to be my executive producer. It really is going to be about, Black Girl Magic, about women doing it for ourselves. This will be done with the help of David Kantor, CEO, Radio Division & Reach Media, and all the other good folks at Radio One and the Radio One properties. I'm going to be delivering news and political updates, as I have been doing for Tom Joyner . But we'll be doing it for the other syndicated programs that we have. That's really my passion. I'm very excited and a little nervous, but excited about what the year 2020 and the elections are going to bring. Whatever your political makeup is, whatever your leanings are, I just want people to be involved. And that includes getting people to register to vote I know we said it before, but this is really the most critical election of our lifetime. What are the top three types of news stories that you’ll be focusing on?The most important one is I want to get people registered [to vote] because part of the problem is that there is a real effort on the part of the other party [Republicans] to dismiss people from voting and to have them purged. And so we have to do everything we possibly can to make sure that this does not happen. If this purging had not taken place in Georgia. We would have a black woman governor there right now. When you look at the margins of victory around the country particularly where Black folks are strong, all they have to do is peel off a small percentage.  And that’s what the voter suppression does. It impacts Blacks, elderly folks, young people, all the folks who tend to vote Democratic.  Yeah we got our kids who are in college and they're taking away the voting polls from the college campuses, especially from the historically black colleges and universities. You have people who have been going to the same place and suddenly finding it gone. My parents are both deceased. But I know that the same school across the street where I grew up, going with my mom to vote, just overnight, they could change that. So voter registration and doing away with the horrible efforts to stop people from voting and combating voter suppression is probably the most important thing in terms of voting. You are like a fighter for democracy. You go, girl. I really am. I’ll also be doing a newsletter and developing programs that we're going to take around the country. It's about helping and supporting black women physically and mentally. My best friend and I, we have a yoga studio in Fort Worth. So when you come to Dallas, People in the studio look like you and me. That's really important. JS:  You've been with Tom Joyner for 25 years. What’s the secret to that longevity?SW:  Mortgage payments? (lol).  Seriously, my mother used to say; where else could I get paid for what I used to get in trouble for? And, you know, in my graduation addresses, I tell students if you can find something you love, you'll never work a day in your life. And I've been blessed to do something that I love. And despite the hours, you know, and getting up at one o'clock and two o'clock and three o'clock in the morning, I really couldn't imagine doing anything else. JS:  You always rock those big words like lagniappe (extra gift or bonus) that helped us all front like we were super smart (lol).  Will that continue? SW:  I love the power of words. And that's why I love radio. I don't want to do television.  I just love radio. And I love giving people information and also encouraging them to expand their vocabulary and to do great things, helping us grow, helping us grow mind, body, soul. JS:  What was the most embarrassing moment with Tom? SW:  I don't know if Tom remembers this, but back in the day before he started wearing all the expensive suits and doing all that, he was just like a real regular guy.  In the summertime, when we would do live shows he would wear shorts and his shirt or whatever and he was going commando.  But here's the other thing. Tom drinks a lot of water, and he sweats profusely, which is a good thing for your body. But when you're in the middle of a Sky Show and he's got these light-colored shorts on and he comes out from behind the stage for another hour of the show ... somebody pointed out "Oh, my God! Tom peed on himself!" And we were like, oh, no, no, no, no, no, we had to go and quickly pull him off the set and get him a change of clothes and just get him out of the way. You can’t have the Fly Radio DJ looking like he peed on himself.JS:  Because you're funny and can do everything from gossip to news, people don't realize you are also one deep sister. You've got some doctorate degrees going on. You have a bachelor of science in political science and communications studies. I mean, you are the all-around, gorgeous, smart, funny, exciting boss chick.  Does that make dating difficult? We rarely hear about your love life. You keep that on the low – so spill the tea –are you booed up? SW:   No, I'm not. And it's very difficult when you get up in the middle of the night to go to work. First of all, because you can't stay out and play all night. Here’s the other thing, guys who hear you on the radio think that they want to be a part of the crew. You know, back in the day when it was Tom, J, Myra, Miss. Dupri, me and George Wallace ... that's what they really want. They want to hang with the crew. And so you have to be very discriminating in terms of 'are they there for the crew?' 'Are they there for you?' And it makes you very wary in terms of relationships. And because I talk for a living. I don't need to come home and talk for the rest of the day either. But when you are dating in another city it's even better because when he starts to get bored with me, I'm like, I got to go. (lol)JS:  I can't imagine anybody getting bored with you, but you probably can't online date because you're a public figure. SW:   I've not tried it. And you know what? A lot of my friends are still recommending it. I have friends who have met their mates for life online. So I’m open. JS:  OK, Well thank you for chopping it up with us.  Check out Sybil Wilkes What you need to know on Radio One. You don't want to miss it. You will stay informed. You'll stay laughing. You'll stay inspired and it'll keep you healthy. Mind, body, soul. Thanks, SybilSW: Thank you Jasmyne.[caption id="attachment_244314" align="alignnone" width="96"]radio facts,radio djs,urban adult,Urban Radio,
urban radio personalities, rap radio stations,r&b radio station, hip hop music radio, black female singers Jazmyne Summers[/caption]