Opinion: Travis Scott and Astroworld, Lawyer Up? Really?


November 5, 2021. In this recovery from Covid isolation frame of mind, an estimated 50,000 kids under a deep in the heart Texas sky did what 50,000 kids do at a concert. They screamed, they talked on phones, they danced, they paid attention to nothing else but their own pleasure… they were being kids. Then, tragedy.

Travis Scott, performer and organizer of the massive Astroworld Festival, went on. After doing so the crowd who had been waiting for him began to rush the stage. That sudden and powerful surge began a horrific “human stampede” that ultimately was responsible for the deaths of 10 innocent kids and far-ranging injuries to hundreds of others. Then, an apology.

Scott released a video of what seemed to be sincere consternation and a heartfelt apology for the catastrophe. He offered to pay out of his own pocket for the funerals of each person that lost their lives. He offered refunds to all that attended that day and for the tickets sold to the shows that were canceled. Finally, he offered to pay for mental counseling for the victim's families to help them deal with the overwhelming grief. Then, the lawyers.

As if on cue to a feeding frenzy law degrees started circulating with pen, paper and promises of making it better by way of a bank account.

Personal note: I don't blame family who just lost family for being so filled with hurt and suffering they are probably not thinking clearly and looking for a reason why but people that take advantage of that grief with nothing except thoughts of their 40% – 60% does get under my skin.

Now with this influx of “good hands” comes suit, after suit, after suit, after suit. Another performer at the show, Drake, is named and so is Live Nation along with Scott. Pending lawsuits could total an estimated 3 BILLION in damages. Then, more lawyers.

Travis Scott has retained Los Angeles attorney Daniel Petrocelli as his counsel. Petrocelli last defended Disney from actress Scarlett Johansson in the “Black Widow” case. Live Nation has hired Neal Manne from Susman Godfrey as its defense.

Nobody knows how this will ultimately work its way out and ultimately like most things it doesn't really matter. 10 kids will never see 40 because they went to see a concert. Who knows what's right and what's wrong. In most cases kids will be kids and in every case tragedy when it happens is tragic. No amount of money thrown its way will make it better.

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