The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Discusses Tyler The Creator Coming out as Transgender (VIDEO)


The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Discussed Tyler The Creator coming out as transgender. Gary With Da Tea said congratulations to Tyler. People are saying that he is coming out as trans. Tyler may be the first mainstream hip-hop star to come out as transgender, noted Gary.

Reportedly the rapper posted an image of himself on Twitter wearing women’s nail polish and referring to himself as a hot girl. Allegedly, Tyler has been flirting with gender and sexuality issues for the past five years, said Gary.

Many speculate that the highly private rapper is either gay or bisexual. It is not just Tyler’s sexuality that is in question; it is his gender as well, said Gary. The singer got people talking this weekend when he decided to show off his new blue nail polish.

“These posts on social media are evidence that the rapper may be preparing to come out as transgender,” said Gary.

The morning show congratulated Tyler and said he should do whatever made him happy.

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  1. This is gross. How can anyone make these comments or write these articles if they don’t know the artist. Tyler has written songs about boys and girls. He gets a kick out of people trying to decipher his identity. One thing that he’s definitely NOT is transgender. He’s always worn polish since ODD FUTURE. He just dropped his leflur line and the polish is apart of the collection. He does not want to be a girl, he just makes off the wall comments.


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