Radio Facts: WOW: Cathy Hughes Profiled in Huffington PostWe may not like The Frequency but we love Cathy Hughes and it appears The Huffington Post does too profiling the mogul as she discusses being a teenaged mom at 16 and being kicked out of the house by her mother because of her pregnancy. It's ironic that black radio stations (mom and pops) were so incredibly brutal to young black talent and I came up during that era working at WIGO for my first gig. That was enough to make me want to quit the industry.   A lot of those black owners and PDs were bitter and disgusted that their own careers didn't materialize or faltered and they took it out on the young talent. I can only say Kudos to Hughes for not allowing the SUPREME negativity many black owned stations were about to destroy her as a young talent. Hughes should be an incredible inspiration to all women and it's a great story. Here's the link.


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