P Valley Recent Episode, “27 Club” Selling Soul to the Devil for Music Pic


On P valleys season two‘s most recent episode there’s a scene where Big Teak Is having a great … last day.

He gets a car from Lil Murda and the two have lunch he goes and gets his haircut and the barber, who is bragging about how talented Big Teak is and how well he can sing while he burns the edges of Teak’s hair with fire.

p valley

Then at a very subtle camera angle, there is a picture of Robert Johnson in the background with a devil behind him. Just about everybody in the music industry knows about the legend of Robert Johnson but people outside the industry may or may not know.

Robert Johnson is the man who supposedly started the “27 Club” where stars die at 27. The legend is Robert Johnson, an amazingly talented blues singer who initially had no talent and worked in the blues joint where he performed but was often booed off stage, and eventually, he was kicked out of the club.

Then he disappeared for a year and supposedly went to the top of the mountain at a crossroads where a big black man appeared who was said to be the Devil and he made a deal with him but there was a heavy price to pay for his newfound talent as part of the deal.

Everybody was shocked at how good he had become in such a short time away and he thought he was invincible and started breaking rules like having a drink out of an open whisky bottle which nobody did back then. Turns out the bottle was full of poison and Robert Johnson collapsed and died at 27.

There are countless other examples of singers who sang “The devil’s music” whose lives came to a tragic end, for example, when he died at 33, Sam Cooke was warned by his church that he would meet a tragic end for singing “The Devil’s Music” but other stars that died at 27 are also said to simply be a phenomenon.


There’s a very good movie about this on Netflix called ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads about Johnson. Do you think it’s folklore or there is some validity to it? Check it out. Did you get the connection with the scene on P Valley in the picture? (see trailer below)

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