Skyview Networks Technology Targets Messaging to Re-Opened States

Radio Facts:

RadioFacts: With various states across the nation preparing to re-open, the management of Skyview is pleased to share with you that Skyview Networks has developed a plan targeted to helping its brands return to operation within these specific markets.

As the economic state of the country evolves under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Skyview’s proprietary software is designed to interface with its smart-receiver platform to produce efficient and accurate regionalization, making network radio customizable.

With this specific audio distribution platform, advertisers can benefit from tailored campaigns that target customers not only in the re-opened regions of the economy, but down to the individual market level. 

“Our approach to technology in network radio has always set us apart in the advertising space, both for flexible campaigns and accountability,” said Jeanne-Marie Condo, Executive Vice President/General Manager of Skyview Networks.  “Now is more important than ever to have these capabilities, as it will be a careful and long road back as our clients navigate through this painful disruption.  We are proud to be by their side, prepared with the tools and resources they need as states begin to re-open.”

Skyview’s customization empowers advertisers to:

  • Target an individual message to a COVID-19 region or target to specific markets, states or regions
  • Target different messages in Skyview Networks’ line-up of News, Music and Sports
  • Air multiple advertisements to a specific market, state or region

Please see the attached map for further details, and for more information about Skyview Networks, visit

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