Video Shows Moments Shots Rang Out In Drive-By Shooting, Cincinnati (Video)


    CINCINNATI — Surveillance footage has been released by the Cincinnati police, capturing the exact moment when gunfire erupted during a drive-by shooting in Over-the-Rhine on Wednesday. The incident left four individuals injured, including three children.

    In the video, the sound of gunshots is clearly audible as the individuals suspected to be the shooters open fire from a moving vehicle, causing panic among bystanders who quickly scatter for safety.

    Following the incident, law enforcement promptly arrived at the vicinity near Grant Park, responding to the scene a little after 4:30 p.m. The area was filled with a significant police presence, with officers extending their coverage across multiple blocks.

    Cincinnati Police Chief Teresa Theetge provided information about the victims involved in the shooting. They include an adult male in his 20s and three juveniles aged 10, 14, and 15. The man was transported to UC Hospital, while the juveniles were taken to Children’s Hospital for medical treatment. Source.


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