Father Kidnaps his Children from Foster Care; Judge Gives him over 75 Years in Prison (video)


State Supreme Court Justice Vicki Argento called a black father Dimitri Cash a ‘pathetic excuse for a human being’ for kidnapping his own two children from foster care. The judge made sure he would never get out of prison.

She then proceeded to give him a sentence so harsh that one of the attorneys walked out of the courtroom and said “Whoa.” This took place in Rochester, NY. Even the reporter in the video is stunned at how EXTREMELY harsh the sentence was.

She gave him 25 years to life in prison and made it run consecutively. He got 25 for kidnapping, a second 25 to life sentence, then a 25 year sentence for burglary then another 15 years for robbery for custodial interference and endangering a child after he took one of his children from school.

A middle-aged juror who did not want his face shown called Cash “evil” and said he was physically ill when he heard the testimony. He stated that if the decision took 5 minutes it would be 4 minutes too long.

The two biological children of Cash, then aged 3 and 5, were discovered two days after the kidnapping in Alabama, unharmed. Dimitri Cash had lost custody of his four children after an extensive investigation into corporal punishment involving the oldest two.

The children’s foster mother, who was tied up and duct taped, said they still relieve the trauma from that night. Cash was also convicted of second-degree reckless endangerment, second-degree custodial interference, and endangering the welfare of a child

Just before sentencing Dimitri Cash to a total of 115 years to life in prison, Argento said, “I hope you never see the light of day again.”

Assistant District Attorney Sara Van Strydonck said her office is very pleased by the sentences.

“I don’t think we could be in more agreement with her harsh words. I’ve been doing this quite sometime now, and never have I been more moved by testimony than I was in this case and the testimony of the mother,” she said.t.

Cash, who represented himself, stated that he was denied due process by the system. The parents of the foster children stated that their other kids were traumatized and covered their ears during the event.

A year prior, Cash was arrested and accused of forcibly removing his own son from Autumn Lane Elementary School in Greece. With his two-year-old child also in the car, it’s alleged he shoved the principal, then struck him with the vehicle while backing out.

In an online petition, Cash offered an explanation – saying his children were wrongly removed from his custody based on false allegations. The 26-year-old has been engulfed in a custody battle stretching over three years. Family members said the custody fight intensified when his children were put into foster care.

Cash alleges his children are being mistreated. Family court cases have privacy protections that seal some information from public viewing.

Family members indicate this was a father desperate to help his children. T