Tyrese – If Sam Smith, Robin Thicke, or Justin Timberlake Sang ‘Shame’ it Would Be On All Radio Formats


[flowplayer id=”169310″]Tyrese currently has the number one R&B/Soul album in the country and his album “Black Rose” is the number 3 overall album in the country. That is something to be proud about and Tyrese has done it by creating a great album. It is really a good album but he also has been doing some clever marketing as well to help push the album. The amazing part is that he is doing it all independently. The beautiful thing about independence is that you have the freedom to say things you normally wouldn’t if you were signed to a major.Tyrese isn’t holding back at all these days. He has been on radio talking about the discrepancy between white artists that perform R&B/Soul music versus black artists that perform R&B/Soul music. He notices that Sam Smith and Robin Thicke get love on all radio formats but he can only seem to get love from Urban formats. Tyrese isn’t talking about anything that most of us don’t know all ready but it is refreshing to see an artist in his position speak his mind so candidly and have a valid point. The R&B crooner has a lot to say. When TMZ caught up with him he didn’t pull any punches. Check out the clip below. See how the radio game works and why Tyrese is targeting the wrong people as explained by Radio Facts editor KevRoss here[flowplayer id=”155592″]



  1. Truly tyres Your correct in saying what you said about your music.Understand this the us are serious about keeping you where they think you should be.I know the two artist you named copy your soulful.style.so they don’t think your special.Heaven forbid if white woman love your music too.They have always been afraidof what they can’t control.You and you music is fabulous.Stay in prayer.

  2. Very true Ty, but continue doing ur thing, God is still in control, BTW I think u are the sexiest man alive and I love u

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