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radiofacts.comIf you don't know, now you now Comedian/Radio Host, Rickey Smiley is officially a published author. Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, will publish STAND BY YOUR TRUTH: And Then Run for Your Life by comedian, radio personality, and television star Rickey Smiley, it was announced by Jennifer Bergstrom, Publisher.

This should be really interesting because Smiley has lived an intriguing life with many ups, downs, smiles, and frowns.  If you ever catch his morning show, he speaks openly about the way he was raised and the success he has attained now due to his upbringing.  

As for the book,  STAND BY YOUR TRUTH is part memoir, part testimonial, and part life guide, mixing Rickey’s down-home humor with the wholesome values that stuck with him, both from his childhood spent in the Baptist church, as well as from his professional and comedic mentors. In his book of essays, Smiley reflects on a variety of topics: the challenges of raising children, the importance of education, the need for people to get out of their comfort zones, and his strong feelings on social justice and always standing up for your own truth. His recent musings on how teenagers need to be more appreciative of their parents lit up social media.

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