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Translee Ready for Sway in the Morning


Digital and Radio Facts:

Translee is an Atlanta-based indie hip hop music artist who recently signed to TIP’s Hustle Gang label. His M.A.O.T..P. Pt1 project served as a “ghetto gospel” to music lovers, spiting out lyrics focused on love, hypocrisy, life, struggle, politics and faith. His singles “Depends”, “Humble” and “Lost In The Sauce” have become fan favorites, causing his underground buzz to catch mainstream attention, especially from the likes of B.o.B, Sway Calloway and T.I. He will be in NYC from April 19 to April 20, 2017 and is now taking interviews.

WHAT: Translee on “Sway in the Morning” show on Shade 45 – Artist will be talking about: his upcoming project M.A.O.T.P. Pt2, plus talk about why he’s one of the few artists in Atlanta NOT making trap music, the Hustle Gang Tour (kicking off 4/26) and being discovered by an Atlanta icon.

WHO: Translee, Atlanta-based hip hop music artist

WHEN: Wednesday, April 19th from 9:45am – 10:30am EST

WHERE: Shade45 (channel 45) on SiriuxXM satellite radio


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