Black Man Describes Painful Monkeypox Infection, Talks about his Experience (video)


A Philadelphia, PA man named Larry Jackson III, 29, of North Philadelphia, states he was not sure what was making him so sick. What he thought was a sore throat not only turned out to be strep throat but he also found out he has Monkeypox via a blister on his lip.

This comes after multiple doctor visits. Authorities state the virus is escalating in various cities and this is the 82nd case in Philadelphia. 

Jackson stated the bumps hurt and he’s been in pain for several days. He has to stay home for 3 more weeks to let the virus run its course. Other symptoms he describes are swollen lymph nodes, a sore throat, and an overall aching body. 

“I think that’s why most healthcare providers are taking it seriously, we’re being proactive about testing people now that testing availability has increased really significantly over the last couple of weeks,” said Eric Sachinwalla, Medical Director for Infection Prevention, Einstein Healthcare Network.

He added if you’ve been exposed, but don’t have symptoms, “You don’t have to quarantine, but contact the department of health, especially if you know the other person has monkeypox because you might be eligible for a vaccine.”

The UN health agency declares monkeypox a global emergency, a disease now found in 70 countries. On Wednesday, eight more cases were confirmed in Bucks County in the Philadelphia area.

While the state has enough vaccines, Jeanne Franklin, the director of the Chester Country Health Department states “Right now the vaccine is prioritized for post-exposure, so those close contacts. We’d love enough vaccine to do pre-exposure which we’re just not there,” said Franklin.

Monkeypox can be spread from person to person via intimate contact or by sharing towels and sheets with an infected person.

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