The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Discusses Shaquille O’Neil Past Legal Troubles (VIDEO)


    The Rickey Smiley Moring Show discussed Shaquille O’Neil past legal troubles. Shaquille O’Neal’s ex-girlfriend filed a lawsuit for assault, and emotional trauma against the NBA legend, said Gary With Da Tea. The woman claimed being in the NBA gives players a shot at fame and superstardom. O’Neil earned a stellar image due to his basketball skills and his nature of giving back to the community. However, O’Neil was not a perfect guy, informed Gary.

    In 2011, O’Neal’s ex-girlfriend, Vanessa Lopez, claimed that he assaulted her and that his sisters were emotionally abusive to her.

    Rickey smiley wanted to know why the woman did not call the police. Gary said she probably did call the police. The morning show host said he had pondered over the O’Neal story and wondered if that was the reason why Shaunie married a pastor, Gary asked.

    “Isn’t that sad Shaunie had to marry a pastor because… what’s wrong with these basketball players? What’s wrong with these players?” Said Gary.

    Gary said O’Neal should give the woman the money she is suing for because of the emotional abuse. He also added that “If his sisters look like him, I could have been terrified of him… Just think about it Shaq’s sisters looking like him, and that poor little woman Venessa was just terrified.”

    All she wanted to do was date O’Neil, and he was cheating on his wife while he was with her, said Gary. Pastors don’t cheat, and the radio DJ said he is happy that O’Neil’s wife married a pastor.

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