Rickey Smiley’s Advice To His Younger Self (Video)


Over on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show, Gary With Da Tea reported on Ray J. When asked what advice he would give his younger self, Ray J recently gave fans some insight into his time as a child actor.

Speaking to Instagram content platform Dose Of Society, the “One Wish” singer advised his younger self not to worry so much about how others might perceive his talents. In a clip he shared last week, Ray J told his younger self, “You don’t gotta be cool, Ray. Gangstas and dudes that you think is cool, they wanna see you elevate. So if you do Broadway, you tap, you sing, you dance: just be great. They gon’ ride with you. You don’t gotta be cool.”

The former child actor continued by saying that his attempts to appear cool frequently got him into trouble. And although he eventually made it back into the entertainment industry, he thinks he could have avoided it by concentrating on his skills from the start.

“All I was doin’ was tappin’ ass, when I coulda been tap dancin,’” he goes on to say in the clip, speaking to his younger self while also passing the lesson to others. “Instead of tappin’ ass all day, tap ass a little bit. But if you tap dance, do that the majority of the time.”

Ray J also recently sparked concern among his fans and followers after he put out a series of posts that suggested he is having thoughts of self-harm.

Most of the comments on the since-deleted messages were sympathetic and encouraging, but Wack 100 appeared to respond angrily and taunted Ray to act on his ideas, adding: “WE DON’T PLAY LIKE THIS ON PIRU.”

Gary With Da Tea then directed the question to Rickey, asking him what advice he would give to his younger self.

Rickey advised his younger self to “Chill out, and save money.”

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